Solar Eclipse 2017 Oregon Time of Day, Map, Weather, Path & Traffic

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The 2017 Solar Eclipse is finally here and Oregon is one of the best states for viewing the eclipse. Here’s your guide on what time of day the eclipse is visible in Oregon, the map and path of totality, weather forecasts, traffic news and more.

ECLIPSE TIME: 10:15 a.m. PT is when the eclipse begins to show in Oregon and it exits the state at 10:27 a.m PT, according to Great American Eclipse. The duration of the eclipse in Oregon is reported to be approximately two minutes.

WEATHER: Clear skies are expected throughout Oregon, though Oregon coastal areas may experience a few scattered clouds.

PATH WIDTH: 61.8 miles

TRAFFIC: Expect heavy traffic due to the estimated 1 million people travelling into the path of totality, which is a 60-mile-wide band though the middle of Oregon, as reported by Oregon Live. The Oregon Department of Transportation is not going to be closing down roads, though traffic may be redirected and turns may be blocked by on-site police or volunteers.

MAPS & PATH: The eclipse zone includes dozens of cities and towns across the state of Oregon, including Newport, McMinnville, Salem, Corvallis, John Day, Madras, and Baker City.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: In recent news, there has been a wildfire tearing through the path of totality in Oregon and many have been evacuated, according to Approximately 600 people were instructed to leave Sisters, Oregon and the town is preparing for more if the wildfire continues to spread. Apparently, fire officials say that all firefighting helicopters will have to remain grounded, along with most fixed-wing aircrafts for an estimated 35 minutes as the eclipse occurs. The fire is called the “Milli Wildfire”.

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