WWE Legend Ric Flair Hospitalized With ‘Medical Issues’

Getty WWE Legend Ric Flair.

The WWE Universe is counting on another improbable kickout from legendary wrestler Ric Flair.

Flair, 68, was admitted to the intensive care unit at a hospital August 12, where he is resting after having successful surgery that’s not heart-related, his representstive tweeted.

TMZ reported earlier in the day that Flair was placed into a medically-induced coma and had to undergo the unspecified surgery earlier in the day.

After the procedure, a WWE representative told TMZ that his family is at his side following the surgery.

“Ric’s family is by his side and they’re waiting to meet with doctors,” the news outlet reported.

Representatives from Legacy Talent Agency initially said that the 16-time world champion was taken to the hospital for “routine monitoring” and there was “no reason to panic.”

However, things took a turn for the worse Sunday evening, when Legacy Talent CEO Melinda Morris Zanoni tweeted that Flair, whose real name is Richard Morgan Fliehr, needs “prayers and positive energy.”

This isn’t the first time there has been cause for concern regarding Flair’s health.

In his autobiography, Ric Flair: To Be The Man, Flair admitted to suffering from alcoholic cardiomyopathy, a weakening of heart muscle stemming from alcohol abuse. He wrote about his health issues in the passage below:

Through my many years of partying, I also developed something called “alcoholic cardiomyopathy,” a weakening of heart muscles. I first detected that there was something wrong when my heart began skipping beats. I went to a cardiologist friend who told me that when your heart pumps, it expands to a rubber band. But mine was doing it too much. Initially, I thought that steroids might be responsible, but the doctor dismissed this theory. My heart was fluttering from thirty-five years of hitting it hard.

It’s the part of the price of being Ric Flair. In exchange for the glory and the good times, I acquired a heart condition, self-esteem issues, and cataracts from tanning beds—and very nearly wrecked my marriage to a great woman. But incredibly, I remained ageless in other ways. And in 2002, at nearly fifty-three years old, I was about to see if I could show a new generation of fans what they missed in the 1970s and 1980s.

On January 26, 2013, Flair exited a match in Japan due to an undisclosed health issue, and it was noted that his leg was swollen. A few days later, Flair texted a reporter from WrestleNewz.com, writing: “Thank you for your concern. I made it back, and I’m now in San Fran. My leg is hurt with a condition called septic bursitis. Ouch!”

In 2014, Flair underwent three surgeries in a 7-10 day period. He made a full recovery from the surgeries and appeared a few weeks later on TV for the wrestling promotion.

WWE released a statement following the surgeries saying that the he’s doing well.

WWE Legend Ric Flair is recovering from successful surgery and will miss tomorrow’s scheduled guest referee appearance at SmackDown. Ric is doing well and we look forward to him returning to WWE in the near future.

Flair is a WWE Hall of Famer and the father of current superstar Charlotte Flair (Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr). He’s is widely regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time for an incredible career that spans over 40 years.

Most recently, Flair starred in a promotion run by TNT for the PGA Championship in which he touted the sport and his home city of Charlotte, where the major tournament was being played.

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Flair, commonly referred to as “The Nature Boy,” got his start in wrestling in the American Wrestling Association back in 1972. He debuted in the WWE — then the WWF — in 1991 after growing in popularity in his time with the National Wrestling Alliance and WCW. The Charlotte, North Carolina native spent just two years in WWF in his first stint, though, before he returned to WCW from 1993 until 2001. He eventually came back to the WWE after WCW was bought out in the early 2000s, and added more chapters to his already-storied career.

Flair got engaged for his fifth in July 2016. He and girlfriend and former WCW manager Wendy Barlow (Fifi the Maid) were set to get married in what would be his fifth marriage.

In April, Barlow was involved in a serious car crash and was hospitalized.Flair took to Twitter to ask for prayers for his fiancee, and those requests were answered when it was determined Barlow would be OK.

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