Rockport Hurricane Damage: List of Businesses & Buildings Destroyed by Harvey

National Hurricane Center

Rockport was one of the cities that was hardest hit by Hurricane Harvey so far, since it was the center of Harvey’s first landfall. Harvey was a Category 4 when it made landfall at 10 p.m. Central, with maximum winds of 130 mph. It’s now been downgraded to a tropical storm.

In addition to the damage, the Mayor of Port Aransas reported there were possibly eight fatalities, but Texas Governor Abbott said at 1:30 p.m. CST that this number could not yet be confirmed.

Severe damage reports began coming into Rockport quickly. Rockport was the city where Hurricane Harvey made landfall. And it’s no surprise, considering how strong the winds were when Rockport made landfall:

This list is constantly being updated, so come back often for the latest updates. A more official assessment will be made by public officials sometime on Saturday.

So far, we know that the following damage occurred.

  • A single story senior housing complex’s roof collapsed. Not everyone had evacuated, and a few people were reported trapped inside on Friday night. Read more in Heavy’s story here
  • Some people were taken to the local jail for treatment of injuries. About 10 people total were being treated for injuries from storm damage.
  • The Rockport courthouse was severely damaged.
  • Much of the historic downtown area received heavy damage.
  • The Emergency Management Center lost its phone and internet temporarily.
  • Part of King Square Apartment’s wall collapsed due to high winds.

  • Part of the Rockport, Texas High School building collapsed or was damaged, but it was not destroyed. Read more about the high school in Heavy’s story here.

  • A gas station was destroyed, but it’s unclear which one. Some are guessing it was the Mallory Hatfield Gas Station, but this is not yet known. The picture of the gas station is below:

  • We also know that about 128 people were evacuated from a severely damaged Fairfield Inn in Port Aransas. Here’s a photo:

  • The Fairfield Suites reported major damage, where people were taking shelter:

  • And homes were flattened from the storm.

  • The First Baptist Church in Rockport also took major damage.

But the damage is far more than can be listed at this time. Here’s a look:

The following buildings and photos are still being assessed.

You can understand why there’s so much damage, considering how strong the winds and rain were, with winds topping 130 mph:

There was also additional damage in Rockport, but attempts to identify the buildings have been difficult thus far. As of the evening of August 25, it was too dangerous to send officials out to assess the damage.

Here are some of the photos, shared with KIII 3 News.

It is unconfirmed, but some on Facebook say that one of the photos above is of the Jimmy Woods produce stand in Rockport. But others were guessing, unsure what the pictures were showing in the dark. Others say one of the other photos is of the Rockport Bakery, but this is not confirmed.

Another person shared this photo below, showing extreme damage to a home, but didn’t identify where this photo was from:

At one point it was even reported that people were trapped in a collapsed building. It’s not known if this was authenticated or if the people were able to be helped.

There were many other reports of buildings collapsing and overturned mobile homes. As the sun rises and the day begins, and when the winds and rains calm down, we’ll likely get a much more detailed list of what buildings were damaged or destroyed.

In addition to all this, there were reports of damage to roofs and cars. But Rockport City Manager Kevin Carruth told 3 News that overall, the City was holding up well.

This story will be updated as more information is available.

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