Seine-et-Marne Car Ramming: Vehicle Drives Into Pizzeria in France

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A photo from a witness shows a car after it rammed into a pizzeria in Seine-et-Marne, France.

A driver has been arrested after a car was driven into a pizzeria in Sept-Sorts, Seine-et-Marne, France, east of Paris, killing a 13-year-old girl and injuring at least five others, BFM TV reports.

The car, a BMW sedan, was deliberately driven into the restaurant, BFM reports. While authorities say the incident was an intentional act, they do not believe it is terrorism, RTL reports. The 39-year-old driver told police he was trying to commit suicide and had weapons in his vehicle, according to RTL.

The name of the driver and the motive has not been released. The driver was immediately arrested, according to BFM.

The national police force National Gendarmerie tweeted that there was an operation underway in Sept-Sorts, a small town of about 450 residents, and told people to stay away and respect the perimeter established around the scene.

The incident occurred at the Pizzeria Cesena restaurant at 1 Rue de Commerce in Sept-Sorts.

France and other European countries have seen several car-ramming incidents in recent years, both by ISIS-inspired attackers and by anti-Muslim attackers. It comes after an Algerian man drove his car into a group of French soldiers last week in Paris. The group is part of France’s Operation Sentinel, set up to protect sensitive areas from terrorism. A vehicle ramming incident also left 86 dead in Nice on July 2016 when a truck driver deliberately slammed into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day.


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This guy’s violent driving behavior is over, now that he’s decided to give pizza chance.

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