Shannon Elizabeth Graves: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Youngstown Police Department Shannon Graves

Shannon Graves

Authorities in Campbell, Ohio positively identified a body found inside of a freezer as that of 28-year old that had been missing since December 2016.

Shannon Graves of Youngstown’s body was discovered July 29 by a friend of her boyfriend, 31-year-old Arturo Novoa.

Police say that Novoa, along with significant other Katrina Layton, 34, hid Graves’ body inside of the freezer in the friends’ basement.

Novoa and Layton are both being held on $1 million bond. As of now, the two haven’t been charged with her murder — until an autopsy is complete — but face corpse abuse charges.

Police claim that while Graves was missing, Layton claimed her identity.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Graves Was Last Seen in December by Family Members

Shannon Graves

Graves was last seen by family members on Christmas Day 2016, though her sister, Debbie DePaul, told police she last saw her in mid-February with Novoa. A missing person report was filed with the Youngstown Police Department in June, and Graves was officially added to the Ohio Attorney General’s “missing persons” website.

According to the report filed with the police department, family members said that Graves struggled from addiction issues in the past. When she disappeared, she left behind her apartment, her vehicle, her cell phone and her dog. Police urged anybody with information of her whereabouts to contact them immediately.

2. Graves’ Body Was Located After a Friend’s Wife Was Looking to Borrow Meat for Dinner From Novoa’s Freezer

Youngstown Police DepartmentShannon Graves

While details surrounding her death aren’t currently known, police allege that her body was taken, separated into several bags, and placed into Novoa’s freezer in a friend’s basement.

Novoa and the friend, Ken Easenbaugh, met about four years ago when one of Easenbaugh’s friends introduced him to a man named “Anthony Gonzales,” known as Novoa, a report by WFMJ said.

Easenbaugh told the news outlet that he became friends with Novoa, whom he knew as “Gonzales” until he was arrested, because he owned audio equipment. Novoa was interested in recording rap music, so he befriended him.

This past July, Novoa claimed that his power went out and wanted to prevent meat from thawing. He asked Easenbaugh if he’d be able to bring his freezer to his home so he could save the food he claimed was inside. Easenbaugh agreed, and Novoa came with the freezer later that evening and put it into the basement.

Three days later, Easenbaugh’s wife reportedly noticed it was secured with a padlock, but the couple didn’t think much of it because they said that Novoa was odd at times.

The freezer sat in the basement for several weeks until July 29, when Easenbaugh’s wife wanted to make some spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Thinking she would borrow some meat from the freezer and replace it later, she removed screws around the padlock and opened it.

Inside, his wife found a large garbage bag, but said that she got a “bad feeling,” so she closed it back up and phoned Easenbaugh. When her husband arrived home, they opened the bag and made the discovery, finding a human foot inside, along with other body parts. The couple immediately contacted authorities, who arrested Novoa and Layton days later.

3. Police Said Layton Took Graves’ Identity After Her Death

Youngstown Police DepartmnetNovoa, left, and Layton, right.

Police said that after Graves was killed and locked away inside of the freezer, Layton claimed Graves’ identity and lived her life.

Novoa and Layton allegedly moved inside of Graves’ home and used her credit cards, even caring for her dog all the while the community had been searching for her.

“Basically, Ms. Layton moved in with Mr. Novoa and started living her life,” Dana Lantz, the prosecutor in the case, said at a press briefing. “She didn’t hold herself out to be Shannon, she just lived her life, using her phone, caring for her dog.”

4. People Grew Concerned After Graves Missed Family Events

Shannon Graves

DePaul told police that while it wasn’t uncommon for her to go long periods without her contacting family members, she had never gone so long, so it was cause for major concern. Graves didn’t show up for DePaul’s birthday party in March, which was odd, and she also missed the family’s Easter celebration.

When she was reported missing, police checked jails and prisons, but were unable to locate her.

Jill DelGreco, a spokesperson for the Ohio Attorney General, told WFMJ that typically, the office only posts information regarding missing children. However, when police or family are so concerned that a person may be in danger, they tend to post them.

Graves’ description on the website listed her as being about 5-feet tall, 105 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.

5. Novoa’s Criminal Record in Youngstown Stretches Back 11 Years

Arturo Novoa

Novoa’s criminal record stretches back to 2004, when he was arrested and charged with causing personal injury/property damage. A few months later, he was charged with felony escape from the prison he was serving time in and was also charged with obstructing official business at the prison two days later.

In 2006, Novoa was charged with felony fleeing and eluding police after a pursuit, and four months later he was back in a courtroom on an aggravated arson charge.

Novoa was out of prison again in 2008, but was back in custody for forcible entry after being evicted from his residence.

In April 2010, Novoa was charged with possessing a gun while being a felon, along with criminal trespassing.

Before being charged with abuse of a corpse, he was last arrested in April 2017 for possessing drug paraphernalia.

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