Can You See the Solar Eclipse 2017 in Canada?

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Getty The view of a total solar eclipse in 1995.

Canadians will also have a chance to view a rare solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. However, their view won’t be quite as dramatic as those in some U.S. states.

Several U.S. states will see a total eclipse, which means the sun will be completely blocked by the moon. That doesn’t mean that Canadians won’t get a spectacular view of their own, however. They will. “Canadians will see a partial eclipse, with the western coast seeing the most dramatic coverage of the sun,” reports Global

Canadians in Victoria and Vancouver will get the closest view to a total eclipse. “On Monday, August 21, the shadow of the Moon will pass over Canada. The event is a solar eclipse. Along a rather long but narrow path which stretches across the continental United States from Oregon to South Carolina, people will see a total solar eclipse,” reports The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

Here’s a handout for Canadians that lists eclipse times and other important information.

The best perch in Canada to see the solar eclipse? According to Global, “Canadians in Victoria will see as much as 91 per cent of the sun go dark, giving them the best view in the country, according to the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC). Vancouver residents are close behind at 88 per cent.”

Remember: It’s extremely important that you wear solar eclipse glasses – and certified ones – to view a solar eclipse, including in a partial phase. Not doing so can lead to serious eye damage. Toronto Sun reminds you, “You need to wear special glasses called solar filters that meet a worldwide ISO standard: specifically ISO 12312-2.”

If you live in Canada, you’re lucky because the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada has organized viewing parties all through the country.

“Across all of Canada, we will see the Moon cover up a portion of the Sun – a partial eclipse. WARNING- never look at the Sun without proper protection. Use properly made solar viewers such as the ones for sale on the RASC estore. These filters are safe to look through with your eyes only (not to be used with other optical devices such as binoculars or telescopes – just your eyes,” the Society says on a web page devoted to the solar eclipse. “Members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada plan to set up telescopes on eclipse day to show the various phases of the partial eclipse through telescopes equipped with filters to allow safe viewing.”

last solar eclipse in the us, last total solar eclipse in the us, last partial solar eclipse

GettyThe view of a total solar eclipse in 1995.

This page has a list of those viewing areas.

This may be your best bet to see the eclipse in Canada if you don’t already have solar eclipse glasses because they are sold out at many retailers and you have to watch for fakes online.