Solar Eclipse Map: See State-by-State Maps in Path of Totality



The map above, provided by NASA, shows the path of totality for today’s solar eclipse, as it moves across the continental United States from Oregon to South Carolina. For about two hours, the eclipse will progress across the United States from coast-to-coast, crossing a 70-mile path where people will be able to see the moon completely block out the sun for about two minutes in the middle of the day.

The total solar eclipse can be seen Monday, August 21 at 9:06 a.m. PDT in Madras, Oregon, 10:15 a.m. MDT in Idaho Falls, 11:37 a.m. CDT in Lincoln, Nebraska, 11:46 a.m. CDT in Jefferson City, Missouri, 11:58 a.m. CDT in Nashville, and 1:13 p.m. EDT in Columbia, South Carolina, just to name a few of the cities it will be passing over.

Here’s a YouTube video that explains how to understand the map above:

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If you’d prefer to use an interactive map, NASA has one here. Here’s a screenshot of NASA’s interactive map below, which may be a little easier to interpret:


Over 100 minutes’ time, 14 states will have a total eclipse: darkness in the middle of the day. Other areas nearby will experience a partial eclipse. You won’t have long to watch the eclipse: it will only last a couple minutes, even in areas of totality.

This eclipse is the first time in 99 years that the continental United States has had an opportunity to see a total eclipse from coast to coast.

Here are eclipse maps for each state in the path of totality, provided by NASA:

Oregon Solar Eclipse Map

Oregon's path of totality.

NASAOregon’s path of totality.

Montana Solar Eclipse Map

Montana path of totality.

NASAMontana path of totality.

Idaho Solar Eclipse Map

Idaho path of totality

NASAIdaho path of totality

Wyoming Solar Eclipse Map

Wyoming path of totality

NASAWyoming path of totality

Nebraska Solar Eclipse Map

Nebraska path of totality

NASANebraska path of totality

Iowa Solar Eclipse Map

Iowa path of totality

NASAIowa path of totality

Kansas Solar Eclipse Map

Kansas path of totality

NASAKansas path of totality

Missouri Solar Eclipse Map

Missouri path of totality

Missouri path of totality

Illinois Solar Eclipse Map

Illinois path of totality

NASAIllinois path of totality

Kentucky Solar Eclipse Map

Kentucky path of totality

NASAKentucky path of totality

Tennessee Solar Eclipse Map

Tennessee path of totality

NASATennessee path of totality

Georgia Solar Eclipse Map

Georgia path of totality

NASAGeorgia path of totality

North Carolina Solar Eclipse Map

North Carolina path of totality

NASANorth Carolina path of totality

South Carolina Solar Eclipse Map

South Carolina path of totality

South Carolina path of totality via NASA.

For more details about all these solar eclipse maps, see NASA’s page of maps here.