Solar Eclipse Playlist: Best Songs to Listen To

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Getty An annular solar eclipse viewed from Japan in 2012.

The solar eclipse is set to take over the skies of North America.

On Monday, millions of people will be able to look up and see the Moon passing between the Sun and the Earth, causing a good portion of the Sun’s rays to be blocked and creating an incredible visual.

The eclipse will be visible from Oregon all the way to South Carolina. If you’re in St. Louis or Kansas City, you would need to go to a more rural part of the state to see the eclipse in its totality, while Nashville, Tennessee is partially in totality. Portland, Oregon misses the eclipse in its totality.

For more information on the eclipse and its path, click here.

However, it’s strongly discouraged to look at the eclipse without using proper eye protection because the Sun’s rays could cause substantial damage to your eyesight.

Therefore, people have been flocking to stores to grab a pair of solar eclipse glasses, with some even making the proper tools at home. To find out how to make your own solar eclipse viewer from home, click here.

There are also numerous mobile applications that have been designed especially for the eclipse.

With numerous ways to view the rare astronomical event, the only thing missing is a playlist of good songs in relation to the eclipse.

Heavy has you covered. Check below for a list of some of the best songs to listen to while you watch the solar eclipse:

‘Eclipse’ by Pink Floyd

‘Black Hole Sun’ by Soundgarden

‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ by Bill Withers

‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ by Bonnie Tyler

‘Breathe’ by Pink Floyd

‘Here comes the Sun’ by the Beatles

‘Loft’ by Caspian

‘A Sky Full of Stars’ by Coldplay

‘Blinded by the Light’ by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

‘End of the World’ by R.E.M.

‘The Birth and Death of the Day’ by Explosions in the Sky

‘The Only Moment we Were Alone’ by Explosions in the Sky

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