Winning Powerball Ticket Sold: Best Memes & Tweets from Sad Players

powerball winning numbers may 14


Alas, a winning Powerball ticket has been sold. The jackpot reached nearly $759 million and one person in Massachusetts won. This person has the single-largest ticket win in North American lottery history. Even though it wasn’t the largest Powerball ever, this winner beat the record because the largest jackpot ($1.6 billion) was split among three winners.

So there’s a lot to be jealous about when it comes to Wednesday’s lottery.

And of course, the people who didn’t win are already sharing their heartache online.

Some didn’t even have their hopes up that high, but their hopes were still dashed.

Here are some of the best memes and tweets so far.

For those who were planning to quit their jobs… Well, now they’ll have to wait a little longer.

Some people are still holding onto hope.

And sometimes the winning numbers came in the wrong order.

Winners in Massachusetts have one year to claim their win. In fact, they can claim their win through a trust and remain anonymous. So there’s a chance we’ll never know the winner’s name.

But some people are still finding things to look forward to seeing.

As of February 2016, a total of nearly $57 million went unclaimed in Massachusetts lottery prize money, due to tickets expiring without the buyers ever claiming their wins. Last year, a dozen of those winning tickets were for $10,000. Hopefully today’s winner didn’t lose their ticket!

Saturday’s Powerball goes back to a “mere” $40 million. But would you really be disappointed if you won?

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