WATCH: Older Woman Taken Down by Police in St. Louis

The unrest in St. Louis continues this weekend following the acquittal Jason Stockley — a former police officer that was charged in the shooting death of a suspect back in 2011. After hearing Stockley’s fate, people took to the streets to give voice to their displeasure. The protests and riots soon turned ugly and police moved in.

“Police say that protests had turned violent at the intersection of Clark Avenue and S Tucker Boulevard, where the video was shot, after demonstrators smashed a police vehicle windshield and threw bottles at cops. Police responded by declaring the assembly unlawful and ordering the intersection cleared,” reported the Daily Mail.

On Friday, an older woman with light-colored hair was amongst protesters at the intersection of Clark and Tucker when she was trampled by police. She was wearing a red top and a long skirt as she walked ahead of a line of officers, eventually getting taken to the ground.

Dramatic video posted on social media by Fox2Now shows the woman being knocked down by police in riot gear, who were advancing in formation on the crowd of protesters. At one point, you can actually see one officer step on the woman.

“The woman holds her hands over her face to shield herself as they continue to advance, issuing streams of pepper spray. Only after they’ve walked past her do a few officers return. They cuff her and they lead her off-screen, apparently into a waiting police car,” the River Front Times reported.

The woman was handcuffed and charged with “interfering,” according to the St. Louis police department. Her identity has not been released by police.

A total of 13 people have been arrested during the demonstrations. Because things in St. Louis have yet to settle down, U2 announced that they would be cancelling tonight’s concert at The Dome America Center because of safety concerns.


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I guess the US is on a road of blood baths in the streets. Big grown football players can’t demonstrate against white supremacist police officers killing black people but yet the police killings continue. Why cannot the ALL white owners of these football teams speak to the white powers that be to avoid what’s coming down the line?

With so many angry and armed young black men who have had enough along with their allies with powerful weapons WE WILL see blood and fire in the cities. Fire will be one of their deadliest resources like it was in LA several years ago. I hope none of my many non-racist white friends are not any of the victims of this coming blood bath. Sad to say, but it will happen and the police is well aware of that. The police have the arms and so do some of the angriest young blacks and their true friends.

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