LIVE STREAM: Georgia Tech Protesters Violently Clash with Police

Georgia Tech officials warned the community to seek shelter and stay inside as protests violently erupted into clashes with police officers.

The demonstrations came just hours after a vigil was held on campus for 21-year-old Scout Schultz, an engineering student who identified as non-binary, was shot and killed by a police officer after approaching them with a multi-purpose tool, police say.

There have been numerous reports of injured police officers and damage to property as police try to control the large crowds.

The Schultz family released a statement through its attorney late Monday night condoning the violence.

Watch a live stream of the protests and news coverage at the top of the page and click here to see more photos and videos from the protests.

The shooting took place on Saturday night on the Georgia Tech campus near a dormitory and was captured on shocking cellphone video by witnesses.

Police say they responded to an emergency call from a person at 11:17 p.m., now believed to be Schultz, saying someone was on campus with a knife and a gun. Officers responded to the scene in large numbers and confronted Schultz, who held a multi-purpose tool that was initially described by police as being a knife.

Responding officers ordered Schultz to drop the weapon, and video shows Schultz failing to comply with the demands, instead walking toward officers. At one point, one of the officers fired one gunshot, which knocked Schultz to the ground. Schultz later died at a nearby hospital from the gunshot wound.

Schultz was a politically active fourth-year student and the president of a Georgia Tech LBGTQ organization. Scout’s mother, Lynn Schultz, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that her oldest child suffered from a number of medical issues over the years, including depression. Two years ago, Scout attempted suicide, the mother told the newspaper, adding that the family spent this past summer at home “trying to decompress.”

Scout’s father, Bill Schultz, is questioning why officers had to use lethal force against his child.

“Why did you have to shoot? That’s the question,” he said. “That’s the only question that matters now. Whatever happened shouldn’t have ended in a death.”

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