Hugh Hefner Last Photo: See 2017 Photos Before Hefner Died

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Getty An older photo of Hugh Hefner for comparison purposes.

What are the last known photos of Hugh Hefner? You can see them below.

Hefner was 91 when he died at the iconic Playboy Mansion surrounded by loved ones. Due to his advanced age, the out-on-the-town partying with a posse of young women a sliver his age had waned, and the last photos of him, which you can see below, show him playing backgammon surrounded by his children.

Those are the last known public photos of Hefner.

On August 6, 2017, Marston Hefner posted this photo of himself playing backgammon with his father, his brother, David, and sister, Christie.

In July, Marston posted another photo of Hugh Hefner playing backgammon with his family.

Cooper Hefner, Hefner’s youngest son, who has a top position at Playboy Magazine, most recently posted a photo of Hugh Hefner on Father’s Day 2017 on his Instagram and Twitter pages. He wrote, “Backgammon with the family #FathersDay.” Hugh Hefner is wearing pajamas in the photo. The Father’s Day photo is also the most recent photo of Hefner on his own Instagram page, which includes photos of Hefner and his final wife.

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Backgammon with the family #FathersDay

A post shared by Cooper Hefner (@cooperbhefner) on Jun 18, 2017 at 4:00pm PDT

Hefner’s other son, Marston, is in the photo. Both Marston and Cooper are the children of Hefner and Kimberley Conrad, the Playboy playmate who was his second wife. Hefner was married to Crystal Harris at the time of his death on September 27, 2017. He was previously married from 1949 to 1959 to Mildred Williams, the mother of his other children, Christie and David.

Hefner also posted a photo in April 2017 from his 91st birthday.

Cooper’s second most recent Instagram photo of Hefner was for Thanksgiving 2016. He wrote, “Hope everyone is having a lovely evening with family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving all.”

Hope everyone is having a lovely evening with family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving all

A post shared by Cooper Hefner (@cooperbhefner) on

You can read more about Hefner’s death here:

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