Hurricane Irma Kissimmeee: Aftermath Videos & Photos

Getty A damaged home is shown after Hurricane Irma hit Florida on Sunday, September 10.

Hurricane Irma ripped through Florida, causing torrential downpours,scattered debris and left millions without power. The storm, now downgraded to a tropical storm, wrecked havoc throughout the state, including in the town of Kissimmee.

Five deaths have been reported in Florida in connection with Irma thus far, and at least 2 million people are without power. Two of the deaths include a Florida sheriff’s deputy and corrections officer whom were both killed after crashing head-on Sunday morning during Hurricane Irma in Hardee County, the Miami Herald reported.

ABC reported “one person was found dead in a home in Shark Key on Sunday.” In addition the station reported two deaths in Monroe County, where the Florida Keys are located.

Heavy spoke with Kissimmee resident Kira Torres, who had just moved to the sunshine state from Chicago. Torres’ dreams of a warm climate and less crime were made a reality when she moved to the beautiful town just last week…not realizing when she had made the plans that Irma would be right behind her. Torres told Heavy:

So we just moved down last week…people were evacuating as we were driving down with the moving truck! Everyone got me super nervous about flooding and no electricity so I stocked up on supplies like crazy. Put everything high in boxes, boarded up windows, got sandbags, water, canned goods, activities for the kids, flashlights, generator, batteries and gas…among other supplies. I literally got everything on the supply list in a panic. We put the TV in the walk-in closet….pillow, blankets and mattresses when the first tornado warning hit so the kids would be safe. I felt better having the kids in there, but I was glued to the window in amazement. I love storms so this had me super excited but at the same time super scared since my babies can’t swim yet. We got life jackets for the kids too just in case. Luckily we didn’t get any water in our house. Lots of downed trees and the street was flooded to the side walk. The winds were like nothing I’ve ever heard or seen before. Just a constant roar. And I hear this was on the minimal side, so I cannot even begin to imagine a Category 4 or 5. I thought the windows that weren’t boarded up on the side of house were going to break…it was that strong…we got hit head-on by the eyewall.

Torres shared footage from her new backyard:

Read on for more photos and videos of Irma’s wrath in Kissimmee:

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