Hurricane Irma Live Stream: Watch the Storm on Florida Web Cams Online [UPDATED]

Hurricane Irma has left more than 2 million in Florida without power so far, and was downgraded to a Category 2 as it approached Naples after making landfall on Marco Island earlier in the day as a Category 3. The hurricane will be slowly moving up the west coast, affecting much of Florida with its massive 400-mile-wide size. Although the storm has been downgraded, it’s definitely not time to be complacent.

Many businesses and people in the path of the storm are setting up webcams throughout the state to help others see exactly what’s happening. Many of these have since gone down due to power loss, but we’re sharing the ones that are still up, along with videos that went down but are rewatchable, so you can see what happened.

The feed above shows radar of Irma and picture-in-picture live cams, showing mostly areas in Florida.

These feeds could go up and down periodically due to power outages and storm damage, or they may switch from being a live stream to a rewatchable video, but we will keep updating this post periodically as the storm progresses. We will also add more feeds as the storm’s path continues.

Multiple Live Stream Views

First, we’ll share streams with multiple views from different parts of Florida. This one shows streams from the Florida panhandle.

And next is a live stream showing 19 different feeds:

Here’s a new stream showing multiple live webcams, rotating through different views:

And here’s another stream with multiple feeds:

Tampa Live Streams & Cams

Tampa may see quite a bit of the hurricane, so we have Tampa camera streams for you to watch here.

Here is a live cam from the University of Tampa.

Big Cat Rescue is located in Tampa Florida and they have a live stream below, although this one appears to sometimes rotate between different locations.  We’re including several live streams from Big Cat Rescue. On Facebook, they announced that they have been purchasing sand bags, sand, trash bags, and plywood, and have generators in place to keep meat frozen for the cats. If you’d like to donate to Big Cat Rescue, text CATFUND to 52-886.

Here’s the Kitten Cabana of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa:

Here’s Tiger Lake at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa. Sometimes you can see a tiger on the feed:

And here’s the bobcat rehab station.

And their feeding station.

Lioness Nikita’s station:

And here’s a Nest cam from the Tampa area:

Clearwater Live Stream


Jacksonville Live Stream

This next live stream is from Jacksonville Beach.

Miami Live Streams

Miami has seen some pretty intense flooding from the storms. Here are some streams from Miami that you can watch.

Here’s a video from Biscayne Bay:

Next is North Miami in North Bay Village.

Here’s another view in Miami:

And one from Brickell:

And here is local Miami News:

Orlando Live Stream

Here’s one live stream from Orlando.

And here’s another:

Florida Keys Streams that Have Ended

Irma hit the Florida Keys especially hard. Here are streams that have now ended, but you can rewatch to see what happened.

This one showed a guy at Irish Kevin’s who was sleeping on stage during the storm, with shots of the outside periodically:

The rest of the live streams stopped working for the Florida Keys even earlier. It was eerie, watching the Keys live streams go out one by one…

Next up was Southernmost Point. This web cam was pointed at a concrete buoy in Key West, Florida, marking the southernmost point in the United States. You can see the corner of South and Whitehead streets, just 90 miles to Cuba. Here’s a rewatchable video of Southernmost Point from earlier, in case you want to look back on things that happened on Friday:

BroadwaveLiveCams had multiple streams set up from Key West and Marathon Florida, but they have since all gone down. This super stream rotated among them all and you can rewind to see parts of it and exactly when it went down BroadwayLiveCams’ streams ended suddenly when the power was lost:

This next live feed was a live stream of cruise ship docks at Mallory Square in Key West Florida. The signal has been lost, but you can look back at the video to see exactly when it happened.

Here was another video from Key West. This one shows the roof top of Two Friends Patio Restaurant near Duval and Front Street. The signal has been lost, but you can look back at the video to see exactly when it happened.

This video showed another angle of cruise ship docks in Key West, Florida. The signal has been lost, but you can look back at the video to see exactly when it happened.

And the Key West Seaport Cam. The signal has been lost, but you can look back at the video to see exactly when it happened.

And the Marathon, Florida cam showing the ocean. The signal has been lost, but you can look back at the video to see exactly when it happened.

Other Live Streams

This live stream is from Seaside, Florida, in far north Florida on the west side:

Here’s a stream from Melbourne:

And this one is no longer working, but it’s too amazing not to include. This man streamed live on Facebook while he was on his boat, the S/V Andromeda, out on the ocean. He hasn’t posted back on Facebook since.

Keep track of the hurricane’s progress with the feed below, or check out Heavy’s story at the end to see multiple live radar streams and live news feeds.

Watch the storm on live radar below: