Hurricane Irma: All The Memes You Need to See


Hurricane Irma is poised to be “one of the strongest hurricanes we have witnessed in the last decade” according to Fox News, and Florida has declared a state of emergency.

In the wake of this worrisome situation, however, the internet has seen fit to take Hurricane Irma and provide some comic relief relief through a series of memes.

Of course, these memes are not referencing the damage that Hurricane Irma is predicted to inflict on Florida, but rather the many puns that users online have concocted. Once this connection was made, there was no turning back, and the meme machine has been in overdrive releasing a series of puntastic jokes.

“Irmagherd” is clearly the internet’s favorite punchline for this storm, referencing the popular internet meme. “Ermahgerd” is a phonetically captioned meme meant to sound like a speech impediment caused by the use of an orthodontic retainer, often using the snowclone template “Ermahgerd X.”

Learn more about it here, and check out some of the best “Irmagherd” memes below.

Outside of the “Irmaghered”, there’s been a plethora of content referencing Floridians who are continuing to churn out memes to cope with the hurricane that’s headed their way less than a week after Hurricane Harvey.

“Sending my friends Irma memes are my way of coping with the fact that a potential category 5 hurricane is gunna hit us”, wrote one user, while another tweeted out “I remember the times when humanity didn’t take a serious situations as a joke. Lol cant wait for memes.”

Check out some of the most notable Florida memes below.

Hurricane Irma has also left its mark on more pop culture-relevant memes, including the animated series Rick & Morty and the beloved “Distracted Boyfriend” meme.

The former references the season three episode “Pickle Rick” by taking the catchphrase “I’m Pickle Rick!!” and turning it into “I’m Hurricane Rick!!”

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