Hurricane Maria Live Radar: Watch Satellite Streams to Track Maria [UPDATED]

Hurricane Maria is now a “potentially catastrophic” Category 5. Although it’s too soon to know if it will affect Florida, other parts of the U.S. coast, or go back out to sea, the storm is slowing heading east in the direction of the United States. But the latest path puts it on a northern shift, possibly missing Florida. Many islands are in its potential path in the meantime, including Puerto Rico, Haiti, and the Virgin Islands. If you’re wanting to keep an eye on Maria’s progress, these live stream feeds will help. First, above, is a live track of Hurricane Maria showing the storm on radar as it moves. This one is in Spanish, as it appears that some of the most consistent live trackers right now are not in English.

For the latest Maria live radars, see Heavy’s new post here

Below is another feed, reporting live and periodically sharing news about Maria and her location and projected path in real time as it changes. We will keep this post updated with new streams as needed. Here’s a stream from CNN and other news channels, periodically talking about Maria or Jose:

And here’s another stream showing news about Maria and other hurricanes:

We will add more streams to this post as they are available.