Kenneka Jenkins ‘Alive, Not Dead’ Searches Increase Following Viral Story

Kenneka Jenkins alive


Kenneka Jenkins was found dead inside a walk-in freezer at a hotel in Rosemont, Illinois, after partying with friends in a hotel room the night before.

Jenkins’ friends, Monifah Shelton and Irene Roberts, told Jenkins’ mom that the teen had been drinking and managed to get herself locked in a freezer, apparently unable to get out.

“Jenkins’ mother, Teresa Martin, said police told her Jenkins apparently let herself into the freezer while inebriated and died inside. An autopsy was performed Sunday but it wasn’t immediately clear whether foul play was suspected, according to Becky Schlikerman, spokeswoman for the medical examiner’s office,” reports the Chicago Tribune.

Since that time, however, Martin claims that the girls have changed their stories “over and over.” Although it didn’t appear as though foul play was involved in Jenkins’ death, police have launched an investigation and are looking into every possible detail, just in case there’s more to this case than it originally appeared.

Since the story of Jenkins’ death went viral, people have been searching all kind of things on the internet and on Facebook, including whether or not Jenkins is alive or dead. This suggests that there has been some speculation that this whole thing was made up. It seems as though those searches began after someone made a Twitter account claiming to be Jenkins — after she was found dead.

According to the International Business Times, it didn’t take long for people to realize that the account was phony. However, it still caused plenty of people to wonder if Jenkins was alive and if the whole story was just some sort of twisted internet hoax.

Aside from wondering whether or not the story was fake (which it clearly is not, given the fact that Jenkins’ body was found and taken for an autopsy), the internet has also been busy trying to case-solve for police. There are several theories floating around social media this week, but nothing has been proven. Police are working diligently to figure out exactly what happened to Jenkins and will update the public when appropriate.

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Guns Down Knowledge Up

The Jenkins Family,

On behalf of the non-profit organization “Guns Down Knowledge Up”, we wanted to write all of you together to let you know how saddened we were to hear of Kenneka Jenkins passing. I know this has brought nothing but sadness to all of you, and I hope you know that there are so many people around who want to help.
Kenneka Jenkins was a bold, smart, and creative woman. She cared about her family , work, and took great pride in the things she had going on. She will be sorely missed. We know each of you are mourning independently, but we hope you will also rely on one another to get you through this. No one knew Kenneka Jenkins better, so sharing stories and memories with each other can only help. It might be painful at first, but once you start laughing about her doing something funny, We hope you’ll realize that you’re starting to feel a little better.
We will gladly do my best to step in for Kenneka on spreading his love, if you’ll let us, or we can help in any other way. Please, please do not hesitate to call if you need anything.
Dorian Cannady 919-612-1839

Warm regards,
Guns Down Knowledge Up
Lousiburg, NC, 27549

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