La Tuna / Burbank Fire: Videos from the Scene in California

Burbank PD

What started as a brush fire in La Tuna on Friday afternoon has spread into a nearly 5,000-acre fire nearing Burbank, California as of Saturday afternoon, forcing the 210 Freeway to remain closed. Only 10 percent contained, it’s unclear how far the fire will spread before it’s brought under control, but evacuations are already underway in certain areas. (Read more about the evacuations here.)

These are videos from the scene.

Here’s a video from earlier in the day:

The fire in Burbank actually is the La Tuna fire. It all started in the same location, and then spread as it high winds helped the fire jump across the highway. The fire was originally called the La Tuna Fire because it began on the north side of La Tuna Canyon Road around 1 p.m. local time, ABC 10 reported. But then it quickly spread east and across the 210 Freeway. By 9:30 p.m. local time, the fire had spread to 1,500 acres or more and was only 10 percent contained, The OCR reported. Officials said the fire would burn at least into Saturday, but they were hopeful that they could get it under control.

The fire is an intimidating sight.

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The sight of the fire so close is unsettling to many in the Burbank and La Tuna areas.

For many, it’s unreal to see the fire so close.

Here’s a view from nearby Quality Inn in Burbank:

And a view from the 405:

As one person on Twitter put it, the view from Verdugo looks like Dante’s Inferno:

Even if you’re not under an evacuation order, it’s still uneasy:

To learn more about the fire’s location and evacuation and road closures, see Heavy’s stories below:

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