LIVE STREAMS: Watch Robert E. Lee Statue Being Removed in Dallas

Right now, officials are taking down a Robert E. Lee statue in Dallas, Texas. You can watch a live stream of the statue’s removal above. We also have additional live stream videos below, so you can see what’s happening from different angles.

Here’s another viewpoint, from WFAA:

A crane being used to remove the statue had a police escort in Dallas, shutting down lanes of traffic on I-35, as it made its way to Lee Park.

Here’s another viewpoint:

A temporary restraining order had stopped the statue’s removal, but that order was dissolved and the removal of the statue is now continuing. Police are on the scene, providing security as the statue is removed.

And another angle, from The Dallas Morning News:

Here’s a scene of a truck taking the crane to Lee Park with a police escort, from earlier today:

The crane’s trip to remove the statue hasn’t been without casualties. On Sunday night, the truck that was hauling the crane from Houston was involved in a fatal head-on crash, NBC DFW reported. The driver of the semi died. The truck with the crane was turning left on a green arrow when the semi, traveling at a high rate of speed, failed to yield the right of way and hit the truck.

The cost of removing the statue and providing security is estimated to be $400,000 to $450,000, NBC DFW reported.

Dallas City Council had voted 13-1 to remove the statue. The statue has been at Lee Park since it was unveiled by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1936. The statue will be stored at Hensley Field in west Dallas until a task force decides what to do with it.

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