Man Poses as ‘Pod Save America’ Host & Sponsors Give Him Free Stuff

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Pod Save America is a podcast not hosted by Tim Unkenholz.

One man on Twitter made a new identity for himself to get free stuff.

On Thursday, user Tim Unkenholz felt burdened by the shackles of paying for things. He decided that he would create a new persona for himself: Host (or one of the hosts) of the popular podcast Pod Save America.

The podcast, which launched after the 2016 election, is hosted by Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor, Jon Lovett, and Daniel Pfeiffer. None of those people are named Tim Unkenholz. But Mr. Unkenholz pressed onward.

Unkenholz messaged some of the sponsors of Pod Save America on Twitter, telling them he was a host and that he was looking to cash in on some free stuff. The first, custom suit purveyor Indochino, didn’t bite. Neither did second option TommyJohn underwear. But when it came to meal delivery service Blue Apron, Unkenholz got his first bite.

Unkenholz slid into the DM’s, but he didn’t stop there. Even after a non-response from Harry’s Razors, Unkenholz messaged the Twitter account for Lyft stating that he was drunk and needed a ride. Lyft, supposedly also under the presumption that Unkenholz is a successful podcast host, took the bait and sent him $20 in ride credit.

Misson accomplished.

It’s a pretty impressive feat for Unkenholz, and I hope he takes this as far as it can go. Pulled over by police? “Sorry officer, I was en route to my podcast taping. I’m one of the hosts of Pod Save America.” Who would check him for that?

All of this has flown under the radar of the Pod Save America folks, who are too busy fighting against the Graham-Cassidy healthcare proposal. A much more important topic. You can download their podcast here.

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