Which Miami-Dade Hurricane Shelters Accept Pets?

Miami hurricane shelter pets


Miami, Florida, is just days away from feeling the wrath of Hurricane Irma, who is set to impact the area over the weekend. Although there are shelters set up in the Miami area for people who must leave their homes and can’t safely leave the city, only a handful of shelters allow pets.

According to the Miami Herald, there are four shelters opening in Miami-Dade county for Hurricane Irma. Only one of those shelters is pet friendly. The Fuchs Pavilion at the Miami-Dade County Fair and Exhibition (Gate 2), located at 10901 Coral Way, Miami, is where you’ll want to go if you have pets that need to shelter with you. They will accept dogs, cats, and any pets in a cage.

There does seem to be a misconception about hurricane shelters and pets. Not every shelter will allow pets and it’s not mandatory that they let you in if you show up with your four-legged friends, according to ABC News. For this reason, it is extremely important that you have a plan in advance.

“Some evacuation shelters will not accept pets so call ahead now to hotels and motels and family and friends outside of the storm zone to find out where your pet can seek shelter, FDEM advises. Local animal shelters and boarding facilities and veterinarians can also be resources for pet owners as they plan ahead.”

If you evacuate, you should absolutely take your pets with you. Your pets should be included in your evacuation plans, whether you are leaving town before the hurricane arrives or you decide to seek shelter once it is in your area.

Other shelters in Miami-Dade that do not accept pets are listed below.

-North Miami Beach Senior High, 1247 NW 167th St., North Miami Beach
-South Miami Senior High, 6856 SW 53rd St., South Miami
-Felix Varela Senior High, 15255 SW 96th St., Miami