WATCH: Russian Politician Nikita Isaev Says ‘Let’s Hit Trump With Kompromat’ on Russia-24 News

Nikita Isaev, the leader of the far-right New Russia Movement, confirmed the existence of material from Christopher Steele’s dossier on Russian state TV, possibly the “pee tape.” The exchange happens in the video above around the 56-minute mark. In a discussion about retaliating Trump’s closing of a Russian spy compound in San Francisco, Isaev confirms they do have “kompromat” on Trump. The exchange reads in English:

Isaev: “Let’s hit Trump with our Kompromat!”
Host: “Do we have it?”
Isaev: “Of course we have it!”

The exchange was translated and reported by Russian media analyst Julia Davis before becoming news.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, Kompromat is a Russian political device consisting of compromising materials about a politician or other public figure used for blackmail. It’s a Russian portmanteau of “compromising material.”

The U.S. and Russia are currently embroiled in a diplomatic feud after “men in trench coats” searched a D.C. diplomatic facility, according to CNN. The U.S. also plans to shutter other Russian compounds, including one in San Francisco. According to the Daily Mail, “The measure came after the Kremlin forced the US to reduce its staff in Russia by more than 750 people.”

The kompromat Isaev is referring to may have also been found by Steele, formerly a spy for the British MI6. Vanity Fair writes that Steele used to be a British spy in Russia under diplomatic cover. Steele’s explosive dossier about Trump included information about a “pee tape,” where Trump paid Russian prostitutes to urinate on a Moscow hotel room bed which Barack and Michelle Obama once slept on.

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The U.S.’ Foreign Intelligence should have the names and addresses of ALL of the 750 Russian bureaucrats that were let go by Putin, in order to determine whether any of these were– or were not– “PRIVY” to Russian and/ or Putin “communications” with members of Trump’s U.S. Federal Election campaign! And, in light of the VERY REAL POSSIBILITY that these bureaucrats may have, indeed, been “PRIVY” to such “communications” of a “COLLUSIVE SORT”, the U.S.’ Foreign Intelligence should seek to ensure the HEALTH and WELL-BEING of these released souls! And if it’s found that a “disturbing number” of these are now “stricken with infirmities” or NO LONGER A-L-I-V-E!… and/ or, are “MISSING”!… then the U.S.’ Foreign Intelligence should immediately report this “tidbit” to Congress, and make this “EXOTIC FACT” public! And, thereby, allowing “public interests” to advocate in a way that such deem appropriate!
Please!… no emails!… Jesus is Lord!

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