WATCH: Man Shot Dead in Las Vegas Hospital After Pointing Taser at Officer

Twitter Cody O'Bryan, 31, was shot dead by a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer after he aimed a Taser at the officer.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on Thursday released body cam footage from an incident where an officer shot a man dead inside of a hospital. The officer alleged that the suspect, 31-year-old Cody O’Bryan, pointed a Taser at him inside of the hospital room prior to shooting him. The video released by authorities seems to back up that claim.

In the chilling video, a nurse at University Medical Center is seen tending to O’Bryan, who’s sitting with his back up against the wall on the floor. At least two officers are inside the room with O’Bryan and the nurse. Suddenly, O’Bryan reaches to his side and grabs a Taser, pointing it at Officer Thomas Rybacki, who leaves the room momentarily and re-enters with his gun brandished. The officer fires one shot at O’Bryan, who falls over to his side and dies.

Watch the released by authorities below:

Note: The video contains content some may find disturbing.

Dispatchers say that on Sunday night, they received a call from O’Bryan saying he wanted to “blast it out” with police and noted he was suicidal, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. When officers responded, they found him passed out drunk on the ground and found that he had an outstanding felony arrest warrant.

Responding officers handcuffed and arrested O’Bryan, but determined he was too intoxicated to be booked through the jail and instead was transported to UMC.

According to authorities, a corrections officer from the jail met with the responding officer in the hospital room and left momentarily. However, one of the officers left a bag behind that had the Taser inside of it.

When the officers and nurse returned to the room, O’Bryan reached to his side, grabbing the Taser and pointing it in the direction of Rybacki. The officer pulled out his weapon and fired one round at O’Bryan, which struck his head and killed him.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Rybacki, who’s been with the department since 2014, was placed on administrative leave with pay as the incident remains under investigation.

On Thursday, Las Vegas Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo briefed media with additional details on the incident.

“This incident began on September 24 with the report of a suicidal man,” Fasulo said. “This is the first time we’ve had an OAS at a hospital and we recognize we have several areas of concern. Specifically, the introduction of a weapon into a hospital room and how the prisoner was secured in that room and left alone in that room for even a few seconds or minutes.”

Watch Fasulo’s full press conference in the video below:

The officer-involved shooting marks the 17th one this year for the department and was the eighth fatality, Fasulo said.

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