WATCH: Prince Harry ‘Very Happy’ About Duchess Kate’s New Baby

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Getty Prince Harry on September 4.

Even though the news means he is moving one more rung down the line of succession, Prince Harry said he is “very happy” for his brother Prince William and sister-in-law Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. The couple announced they are expecting their their third baby, making Harry an uncle again.

A group of reporters asked Harry for his thoughts on the news as he left a car. “Fantastic,” Harry said, giving a thumbs up. “It’s great. I’m very, very happy for them.” Since Kensington Palace said Catherine would be hospitalized for a few days, Harry was asked if he heard about her condition.

“I haven’t seen her for awhile, but I think she’s ok,” Harry said as he went into an office. Harry was in Manchester, where he met with military veterans in Newton Health.

The Royal Family said that Kate had to cancel an appearance at the Hornsey Road Children’s Centre in London and is being cared for at Kensington Palace. She is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. According to American, this is a case of extreme morning sickness, and symptoms can include vomiting, nausea, weight loss and electrolyte disturbance. Kate also suffered from the condition during her last two pregnancies. While she was pregnant with four-year-old Prince George, she was hospitalized for a few days.

Harry, William and Kate were last seen together at an event on August 30 to honor their late mother, Princess Diana, who died 20 years ago in a Paris car crash.

Harry told the Mail on Sunday in June that he once considered trying to get out of the Royal Family and said he never wanted to be King. That is now even more unlikely since he’s sixth in the line.

“I felt I wanted out but then decided to stay in and work out a role for myself,” the 32-year-old Harry said in June. Harry said he hasn’t enjoyed the life of being a celebrity and was particularly angry when he had to pull out of service in Afghanistan early because his location leaked to the press in 2007. He enjoyed serving in the military, where he was seen as just another soldier.

“I felt very resentful. Being in the Army was the best escape I’ve ever had. I felt as though I was really achieving something,” Harry said. “I have a deep understanding of all sorts of people from different backgrounds and felt I was part of a team.”

Harry is now dating Suits actress Meghan Markle. A source told Us Weekly that he would like to get married and have kids.

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