WATCH: Trump Calls Indianapolis Police Officer Injured in Motorcade Crash

Twitter Officer Robert Turner received a call from President Donald Trump as he was being treated for his injuries he suffered in an accident while escorting Trump's motorcade.

An Indianapolis Police officer injured in a crash while assisting President Donald Trump‘s motorcade received a call from the Commander in Chief himself as he was receiving medical treatment Wednesday.

The Indianapolis Police Department on Thursday tweeted a video of Officer Robert Turner fielding a call from Trump after he suffered a broken ankle and possible contusion from a motorcycle accident that occurred as the president’s motorcade traveled back to the airport.

“Yes sir,” Turner says while listening to Trump before breaking out in laughter. “I believe so, I’m not sure, I haven’t had the x-ray on it yet.”

Watch the video below:

Trump was in Indiana on Wednesday touting his tax plan at the State Fairgrounds before heading back to the Indianapolis International Airport. Turner was on I-70 westbound toward the airport when an accident took place. The specific details surrounding Turner’s crash are haven’t been specified, but he’s in “good condition” at the hospital, according to CNN’s Steve Brusk.

Before Trump got onto Air Force One, he appeared to speak with a group of officers on motorcycles and expressed concern for the injured officer, Washington Times reporter Stephen Miller said.

Once on board Air Force One and on his way back to the White House, Trump called Turner and seemed to express both gratitude and concern for the officer.

This isn’t the first time an officer has been injured because of an accident suffered while in a presidential motorcade. In January, a vehicle assisting then-Vice President-elect Mike Pence hit a reserve officer in Washington D.C. The officer was on traffic control duty and suffered minor injuries from the accident.

On August 30, a vehicle surfaced online appearing to show a vehicle attempting to “ram” Trump’s motorcade in Missouri. The video shows the motorcade traveling down a street when a white car comes out of a wooded area and moves toward the shoulder of the road. Officers from the motorcade responded to the scene, and there was no incident.

Officials said the car came out of nowhere near the motorcade because of a malfunction with the car’s brakes. The Springfield Police Department later tweeted there was “no intent of harm.”



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