WATCH: Trump Hugs, Kisses Little Girl in Houston Shelter

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Getty President Donald Trump in Corpus Christi.

On his first trip to Texas, President Donald Trump ran the journey like a boardroom, gathering information about Hurricane Harvey rescue operations in a briefing with officials (although he also held a Texas flag aloft.)

On his second trip to Texas, this time to Houston, Trump brought out the empathy, and he was photographed and videotaped picking up a little girl in a shelter and giving her a kiss. According to CNN, the little child ran up to the president, who then lifted her up and gave her a hug and a kiss.

Watch the video here:

Here’s another look at the moment:

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Trump also shook people’s hands and helped pass out food at the shelter. He was accompanied by his wife, Melania, who wore a Texas baseball cap. CNN labeled Trump the “comforter-in-chief.”

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Here’s a video of Trump and Melania passing out food in Houston.

Here’s more video of the Trumps meeting Hurricane Harvey survivors in Houston on September 2:

According to The BBC, the Trumps “made a point of meeting flood survivors and volunteers in Houston. They took part in food distribution at a shelter, handing out packed lunches, and posed for photographs with victims when they requested it.”

Watch the Trumps arrive in Houston, Texas:

President Trump and his wife are expected to return to the flood-stricken region again for a third time next week. “Later in the week, they are expected to travel to Lake Charles, Louisiana, which was also hit by flash floods,” BBC reported.

In his first visit, Trump did not go to Houston, which was still dealing with massive flooding and rescue efforts. Instead, he visited the wind-damaged coast and Austin, where he received briefings on hurricane rescue operations. Some criticized Trump during that first visit for praising the size of the crowd that gathered to meet him and for not meeting with Hurricane survivors.