White House Official Flubs Miami International Airport Flooding Video Tweet

President Donald Trump’s social media director Dan Scavino Jr. tweeted a video of Hurricane Irma-caused flooding at Miami International Airport on Sunday afternoon. The only problem? The video he posted wasn’t of Miami’s airport.

An official behind the MIA airport’s official Twitter account quickly chimed in and clarified the mistake, which prompted Scavino to quickly delete his tweet.

As far as facts on the ground go, Hurricane Irma has effectively shut down Miami’s airport since Friday. As of Sunday, the airfield was still not back to normal, with the last tweet from the airport’s account stating, “way too soon to know about resumptions of operations. Storm still upon us. Info as available. Stay safe.”

The video that Scavino posted, meanwhile, was actually an old viral clip that had resurfaced as Hurricane Harvey ravaged Texas. One YouTube video suggests it was Mexico City Airport.