WATCH: Woman Attacks Veteran for Having PTSD Dog in Restaurant

A woman visiting Kathy’s Crab House & Family Restaurant in Delaware City went off on the restaurant staff and customers for allowing a veteran to bring his PTSD service dog, a Great Dane, into the restaurant. The video was shared on YouTube by RJ Wisowaty, the owner of the restaurant. In the description of the video, Wisowaty writes, “A crazy woman argues with a veteran’s family about having his PTSD dog in a restaurant.”

The video begins with the woman saying that she has a right to push the dog and that she won’t keep her hands to herself. It is unclear if, before the camera started rolling, she assaulted the animal or its owner. As the woman continues to rant, another woman off-camera interrupts, “He’s alive because he fought for our country!”

“Congratulations!” the woman interrupts.

A man with the disruptive woman stays silent but looks on disapprovingly at her.

As the video progresses, the woman becomes increasingly belligerent and yells at everyone in the restaurant. Her repeated point is that a service dog should be in a “sectional area” because dogs in restaurants are disgusting.

Eventually, what appears to be the veteran gets riled and gets in the woman’s face after her repeated assaults. His friends calm him down while her partner ushers her out of the restaurant.