Ahmad Khan Rahimi Conviction: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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In this handout provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Ahmad Khan Rahami poses for a mug shot photo.

On Monday, Ahmad Khan Rahimi was convicted on all charges after planting two bombs that injured more than 30 people in Manhattan in September of last year.

The 29-year-old, Afghan-born US citizen, was arrested in September of last year after planting two pressure cooker devices with what prosecutors say was part of a plan to “kill as many innocent people as possible.”

The New Jersey now faces a maximum punishment of life in prison. Read on for more details:

1. A Jury Found Rahimi Guilty of Eight Federal Charges

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(FBI via Getty Images)A surveillance photo shows Rahami near the scene of the Chelsea blast, the New Jersey State Police says. Rahami was identified with the help of a cell phone left on one of the devices, ABC News reports. The NYPD and the FBI were investigating a suspicious Uber passenger who was in the area just prior to the bombing, reports PIX 11.

On Monday, a jury found Rahimi guilty of eight federal charges in connection with the September 2016 bombings that injured more than 30 people in the Chelsea, Manhattan area. The first bomb that detonated was hidden near a trash can, and sent the 100-pound dumpster into the air.

Rahimi was convicted of the use and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, bombing a public place, destroying property by means of fire or explosives, and using a destructive device in furtherance of a crime of violence, according to CNN.

2. The Trial Lasted Two Weeks and Jury Deliberation Took Approximately Four Hours

According to CNN, the trial lasted approximately two weeks, and the jury deliberated for four hours before reaching a verdict.

North Jersey reports that Rahimi remained calm when the sentence was being delivered, and  smiled when he was led out of the courtroom. Assistant federal defender Sabrina Shroff said, “We all handle bad news in our own way.” In trial, Shroff urged jurors to acquit Rahimi of the charges associate with the 27th street bomb that did not go off.

3. He Faces a Mandatory Sentence of Life in Prison

According to CNN, Rahimi faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison, according to a statement from US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Joon H. Kim.

In trial, prosecutors said that the police found one of Rahimi’s notebooks that contained a “claim of credit” for the bombs. According to North Jersey, the written confession said that the attacks “left [Rahimi] feeling proud.

Kim says of the verdict, “Today’s verdict is a victory for New York City, a victory for America in its fight against terror, and a victory for all who believe in the cause of justice.”

4. He Was Arrested After a Pressure Cooker Bomb Went off in Chelsea Last Year

Rahimi was arrested two days after the pressure cooker bomb exploded, during a shootout with police in New Jersey that kept him in the hospital for weeks.

On the morning of September 17, 2016, Rahimi left his home equipped with 9 bombs to carry out his attack. The first bombing location he chose was along the route of a Marine Corps charity race in New Jersey. A last minute change in the race schedule miraculously saved lives– none were injured when the pipe bomb exploded.

5. He Faces a Sentence of Life in Prison

In court, the prosecution said that Rahimi planned to “kill and maim as many innocent people as possible” last September. Now, he faces a maximum punishment of life in prison.