President Donald Trump Remaining Silent on Paul Manafort

Donald Trump Paul Manafort, Donald Trump Indictment, Donald Trump Campaign Manager

Getty President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has given no statement yet concerning the indictment of former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who was charged with conspiracy against the United States on Monday morning as part of Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 election.

Manafort, who was the second of three campaign chairmen for Trump’s successful bid for the White House, was indicted under seal on Friday. Rick Gates, an associate of Manafort’s as well as a campaign worker for Trump, was also indicted. Both names were released Monday morning.

Trump, however, has remained silent in terms of both releasing a statement and in terms of his social media presence. His Twitter feed, normally a source of the president’s thoughts, has remained mostly silent. He has posted twice on Twitter in the first 10 hours of Oct. 30, focusing on the Hillary Clinton dossier and a report on Fox and Friends, one of his preferred cable television programs.

CNN reported that lawyers are meeting with the president concerning the indictments, which could explain Trump’s silence. The silence has extended to the rest of the Trump family, as neither Donald Jr. nor Eric Trump has made any posts on Twitter this morning.

Ivanka Trump’s only post has been a birthday wish from her daughter celebrating her 36th birthday, a post that poked fun at a misunderstanding Ivanka had made on her Twitter account last year.

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