Emily Miller: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Shortly after Mark Halperin was accused of sexual misconduct with five different women while working at ABC News, another woman spoke up against the now-suspended journalist.

Emily Miller, now the senior political correspondent for One America News, alleged on her Twitter page that she also was a victim of unwanted sexual advances from Halperin but was not one of the women named in the CNN report. Much like the other women in the report, Miller said that she did not come forward because she thought she was the only one and felt embarrassed by what had happened to her. She is now one of 12 women to accuse Halperin of sexual misconduct.

Here are five things you need to know about Miller.

1. She’s Written a Book on Gun Ownership

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Emily Miller has added her name to a list of women accusing Mark Halperin of sexual misconduct.

In 2010, Miller was robbed by a man posing as a pool worker, who had entered the house she was staying in and emptied her wallet. From that moment, she decided to focus on getting herself a gun for her protection, no easy task in the District of Columbia. Miller found herself dealing with a city administration that was not exactly thrilled at the prospect of someone obtaining a gun in the city.

In response, Miller began writing a series of columns on her four-month struggle to obtain a handgun, entitled “Emily Gets Her Gun”. Miller did eventually get her gun after two threats were made against her, which she turned in to police in support of her need to own a firearm for self-defense. Her lengthy waiting period became the basis of her book, in which she documented her struggles and explained part of the history surrounding firearm regulations in the country.

Part of why Miller had so much trouble getting a gun was because of where she lives. At the time of her book’s publication, Washington, D.C. had strict laws against carrying a gun in public (a law which has since been struck down for the time being) and strict laws on the sale of firearms, as only one man in the city was allowed to sell guns. Conversely, on the other side of the Potomac River in Virginia, gun laws are not as strict and Miller would have had an easier time obtaining a handgun.

2. She’s Battled With Mark Halperin in Public

Emily Miller Schools Morning Joe Team on Gun Crime Statistics in America MSNBC 10 10 13For All The Latest Videos On US Politics And Entertainment Please Subscribe To This Channel.2013-10-26T14:32:23.000Z

After revealing what Halperin had done to her, Miller revealed that she has also sparred with Halperin on “Morning Joe”. Shortly after publishing her book, she was invited on the program to discuss her book and the subject of gun control in the United States. While hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski largely stuck to the topic of gun control and what Miller had discussed in her book, Halperin got into a debate with her about whether any firearms should be made illegal, citing bazookas and automatic rifles as ways that he could protect his family.

Miller drew the line at automatic weapons as outlined in the National Firearm Act that was passed in 1934, but Halperin continued to press the issue with a hypothetical of if he wanted to obtain an automatic weapon. Miller refused to engage the hypothetical, forcing Halperin to claim that he wanted “maximum firepower” to protect his family. Upon hearing that, Scarborough jokingly claimed that he would be leaving the tri-state area of New York City if Halperin were to obtain an assault rifle.

3. She’s Spent a Lot of Time Working in Washington

FOX 5 Investigates: DC parking ticket fightHave you ever gotten a parking ticket in the District? It's frustrating even if you deserve it. But what if you didn't deserve it? FOX 5 Chief Investigative Reporter Emily Miller took on the DMV and has lessons for all of us. READ EMILY'S FULL STORY: myfoxdc.com/story/26096239/fox-5-investigates-dc-parking-ticket-fight2014-07-24T18:32:12.000Z

Prior to her move to One America, she attended college at Georgetown and became the deputy press secretary for Secretary of States Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice during the George W. Bush administration. After working for congressmen Tom DeLay (R-Texas) and Rick Lazio (R-N.Y.), she transitioned to television, working at both NBC News and ABC News before moving to Washington’s Fox affiliate WTTG.

Baltimore ProtestBaltimore Camden Yards Freddie Gray Protestors get violent “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ‪ -MLK2015-04-26T01:06:40.000Z

During her time in Washington, she covered the Baltimore race riots in her hometown following the Freddie Gray incident. She also built a reputation for being willing to speak her mind on her social media page. However, she also found herself in a mess while at WTTG when she misidentified Joel Mayers, a trainer in Virginia, as Michael Edwards, who worked at the same location as Mayers and was arrested for two charges of second-degree assault.

In 2016, her contract with WTTG expired and she moved to OAN.

4. She’s Given a Takedown of Fake News Sites

How to Spot Fake News From Real NewsAccording to a Pew poll, a majority of U.S. adults get their news from social media, mostly Facebook. But with fake news sites so popular on social media, many Americans are being misinformed. Glenn Kessler, the Fact Checker columnist for The Washington Post, gives specific ways to spot fake news from real news.2016-11-24T19:23:50.000Z

Contrary to President Donald Trump’s claims that he invented the term “fake news”, the term existed before he ever took office, and Miller was one of the journalists providing a full explanation of how media consumers could prevent themselves from falling for a fake news story.

In November of 2016, Miller conducted an interview with Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post for a piece explaining how to tell fake news from real news. She went on to tell viewers that they could often spot whether something was really fake news by the contact information page (a legitimate news website will have a way for you to contact them), the website address (fake news sites often use a different country’s domain name to make themselves seem like the real site) and the biographical page (fake news sites often completely make this up).

In part because of the reporting from her and other legitimate media outlets, Facebook has now tweaked its algorithm to try to prevent the spread of fake news.

5. Mark Halperin Isn’t The Only One Who’s Allegedly Sexually Harassed Her

When the #MeToo movement began, Miller was one of several voices to speak out about her own situation, as she’s been in this situation before. When the Anthony Weiner story broke, she and fellow journalist Susan Crabtree found themselves facing unwanted sexual commentary from the disgraced congressman, which led to her revealing the details of her conversation and saying Weiner did not deserve a second chance to clean up his act as a congressman.

The Weiner instance led to her getting in a public spat when now-president Donald Trump both promoted her book and called out Weiner for his treatment of Miller and Crabtree. At that time, reporters Alex Burns and Andrew Kaczynski chose to call Trump out for his own treatment of women in the past rather than focus on Weiner’s misconduct, leading Miller to defend Trump through her own personal experience of talking to him.

But as her Twitter timeline shows, these reported incidents are not the only times that she says incidents like this have happened to her. She says she’s had it happen to her at a job interview, among other times, and in several cases, she’s been unable to come forward because they have remained the bosses at her places of employment.

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