Facebook & Instagram Down: When Will the Sites Be Fixed?

Both Facebook and Instagram are down, causing thousands of users to fret over not being able to access their social media accounts. Many are taking to Twitter to see if that site is also down, as seen above.

When logging into Facebook via a desktop computer, a blank screen appears. When accessing Instagram the same way, a message that states “Oops, an error occured” pops up on the screen. While Facebook mobile appears to be working, the mobile Instagram version is leaving users in the dust at the moment.

The problem appears to be widespread, affecting at least the United Kingdom and United States being affected.

According to downdetector.com, Facebook has been “having issues since 8:20 AM EDT.”

Facebook users are taking to the website to explain the issues that they’re having, with some adding humor to the current situation:

“Down in Hawaii. What will we ever do?,” John Fuller wrote.

“I have paid for my facebook with all the info about what I like and dislike, my tendencies and leanings,” Mark McCallum said. “So have you! Highly valuable information to our overlords and corporate masters. That said, DOWN IN BREMERTON WASHINGTON!”

Downdetector.com reported that Instagram “is having issues since 11:05 AM EDT.”

Many are making light of the situation by taking to Twitter with hilarious memes:

“Everyone rushing to Twitter because Facebook and Instagram are down…,” @skylarptaylor tweeted:

“Facebook and Instagram are both down,” @dunta90 stated. “Looks like globally? What we need right now, is a hero…#FacebookDown:”

“That moment when Facebook and Instagram let you down but Twitter is always there for you #Facebookdown #instagramdown,” @MeeshyJay wrote:


As of 1:06 p.m. EST, both sites appeared to be back up and running in at least the states.

It is not known at this time why the issues are happening or when the sites will be working on a global scale again, leaving thousands bored at work while waiting for their social media fix.

*This article will be updated as information becomes available.