Griffith Park Brush Fire 2017: Photos, Videos & Update

News of a brush fire near famed Griffith Park has people on the Los Angeles-area on edges, especially with the horrific wildfires that have spread throughout northern California’s Wine Country.

Thus far, though, the Griffith Park brush fire is being called just that, and it’s not bad enough to provoke any evacuations, at least as of 7:30 p.m. on October 15.

In an alert, the Los Angeles Fire Department reported that there were no structures threatened at this time from the Griffith Park Fire.

“Brush Fire; 6:56PM; 2800 Observatory Dr;; #GriffithPark; PRELIM: LAFD ground and air response with Park Rangers in battling a slow moving 100′ x 100′ brush fire near the Observatory Trail, east of the Griffith Observatory and well above the Greek Theatre, which has a concert scheduled for 8:00 PM; No wind; Topography driven fire; No current structure threat or current need for evacuation ; FS 35; Batt 5; West Bureau; Council District 4; CH: 5; 12,” the Fire Department’s Brian Humphrey wrote in the alert. You can read the Fire Department’s statement on its website here.

Here’s live video from a local Los Angeles television station.

People were already posting photos of the fire on Twitter, and it was fraying some nerves as people wondered what was going on.

Griffith Park is a well-known area, so some people were surprised to hear there was a brush fire there.

It appeared that the brush fire was being quickly dispensed with on the evening of October 15.

Video shows the Fire Department using water drops to get the fire under control.

There was no word of a cause.

People wondered about evacuations.

On many people’s minds: The extremely serious wildfires that have spread rapidly through northern California communities like Santa Rosa, where fire has leveled complete neighborhoods and more than 30 people have perished in the blazes. That level of destruction is rare even in a state more used to wildfires than others.

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