What Does the ‘I Have’ Hashtag Mean?

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Actress Alyssa Milano launched a social media campaign asking women who have experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment to type “Me too” into their Facebook or Twitter statuses to help show the magnitude of the problem in this country.

The campaign went viral and now men are showing their support by using the hashtag “I Have” to express their actions in either committing sexual harassment or assault or standing by and doing nothing when confronted with it.

Both social media campaigns were launched after Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein was accused by dozens of women of either sexual assault or sexual harassment.

Twitter told CNN that the #MeToo hashtag has been tweeted more than a half a million times. And now many men are chiming in with #IHave to show their support in changing what many have said is a “silent epidemic” in America.

Here are some examples:


Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson tweeted both hashtags on Tuesday, calling for men and women to work together to end sexual abuse. Carlson successfully sued Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes over allegations that he sexually assaulted her. Carlson won a $20 million settlement and Ailes has since stepped down from the network.

At a recent Washington Post event, Carlson said she believed that the allegations against Weinstein are a “tipping point.”

“I’m incredibly optimistic with where we are, 15 months after I jumped off the cliff and into the abyss, not knowing what would lay below it all,” Carlson said, according to the New York Daily News.

“And, as horrific as the revelations are, coming out of Hollywood, I’m optimistic that this is the tipping point, that this is the watershed moment that we’ve been waiting for. Women have been waiting for this for a long time,” she said.

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