Las Vegas Shooting Victims: Coroner Releases Official List of Deaths

Facebook More of the shooting victims. Each is profiled later in this story.

The ​​​​Clark County Coroner released an official list of people who died in the October 1 mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip. Although media organizations, including Heavy, have been compiling their own lists, the October 5 release by Clark County marked the first time that authorities had formally released the names of those who perished in the attack.

“Coroner John Fudenberg extended condolences to all those affected by the incident and encouraged families to contact the Family Information Center located at 1704 Pinto Lane in Las Vegas if they need any assistance related to the Coroner’s Office processes. If you are unable to travel to the center, a hotline has been established at (702) 455-4281. The hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily until further notice,” the coroner’s office said along with the release of the names.

FacebookSome of the victims.

Heavy has compiled photos and bios for each of the 58 victims. Of them, 36 were female and 22 were males. They came from all walks of life – military veterans, off-duty cops, teachers, secretaries, people working in finance, college students, a waitress, retirees. In one case, a couple died together. In other cases, people died in their spouses’ arms or right in front of them. They are truly a cross-section of America.

FacebookSome of the 58 shooting victims in Las Vegas.

The oldest victim was Patricia Mestas, who was 67. The youngest victims were Quinton Robbins and Bailey Schweitzer, both age 20. The killer struck in the most impersonal way possible, from the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel.

Here are the names of those who died and other information released by the coroner.

Decedent ​DOB ​Gender

​Ahlers, Hannah Lassette ​6/2/1983 ​Female

hannah ahlers

FacebookHannah Ahlers.

​Alvarado, Heather Lorraine ​9/20/1982​​ ​Female

​Anderson, Dorene ​4/16/1968 ​Female

dorene anderson

FacebookDorene Anderson with her daughter.

​Barnette, Carrie Rae ​12/16/1982 ​Female

carrie barnette, las vegas shooting victims

FacebookCarrie Barnette.

​Beaton, Jack Reginald ​12/10/1962 ​Male

Jack Beaton Bakersfield, Jack Beaton, Las Vegas victim

Twitter/BeatonJakeOffJack Beaton’s son Jake shared this photo on Twitter.

​Berger, Stephen Richard ​9/30/1973 ​Male

​Bowers, Candice Ryan ​8/10/1977 ​Female

Candice Bowers

GoFundMeCandice Bowers with her family.

Burditus, Denise​ ​6/5/1967 ​Female

Denise Burditus las vegas shooting victim died in her husband's arms, Denise Burditus grandchildren, Denise Burditus west virginia

FacebookTony and Denise Burditus.

​Casey, Sandra ​11/1/1982 Female

sandy casey

FacebookSandy Casey.

​Castilla, Andrea Lee Anna ​9/29/1989 ​Female

andrea castilla

GoFundMeAndrea Castilla.

​Cohen, Denise ​8/2/1959 ​Female

denise cohen

FacebookDenise Cohen.

​Davis, Austin William ​6/20/1988 ​Male

​Day Jr., Thomas ​10/29/1962 ​Male

Thomas Day

FacebookThomas Day.

​Duarte, Christiana ​8/7/1995 ​​Female

TwitterChristiana Duarte was one of the 58 people killed in the Las Vegas concert shooting on October 1.

​Etcheber, Stacee Ann ​2/26/1967 ​Female

Stacee Etcheber, Vinnie Etcheber, San Francisco Police officer wife, LAs Vegas shooting vitcim

Facebook/Stacee EtcheberStacee and Vinnie Etcheber.

​Fraser, Brian S. ​8/20/1978 ​Male

​Galvan, Keri ​8/20/1986 Female

keri galvan

GoFundMeKeri Galvan.

​Gardner, Dana Leann ​7/6/1965 ​Female

dana gardner

GoFundMeDana Gardner and her daughter.

​Gomez, Angela C. ​12/26/1996 ​Female

angela gomez

GoFundMeAngela Gomez.

​Guillen, Rocio ​ 12/20/1976 ​Female

​Hartfield, Charleston ​5/16/1983 ​Male

charleston hartfield, charleston hartfield las vegas

FacebookLas Vegas police officer Charleston Hartfield.

​Hazencomb, Christopher ​9/27/1973 ​Male

chris hazencomb

GoFundMeChris Hazencomb.

​Irvine, Jennifer Topaz ​6/6/1975 ​Female

Law Newz via Twitter

​Kimura, Teresa Nicol ​3/24/1979 ​Female

nicol kimura

GoFundMeNicol Kimura.

​Klymchuk, Jessica ​5/1/1983 ​Female

Jessica Klymchuk, Jessica Klymchuk las vegas

FacebookJessica Klymchuk.

​Kreibaum, Carly Anne ​12/9/1983 ​Female

​LeRocque, Rhonda M. ​8/29/1975 ​Female

rhonda larocque

GoFundMeRhonda LaRocque and family.

​Link, Victor L. ​9/7/1962 ​Male

victor link

Family photoVictor Link.

​Mclldoon, Jordan ​10/6/1993 ​Male

​Meadows, Kelsey Breanne ​6/26/1989 ​Female

Medig, Calla-Mar​ie 8/8/1989 Female

Calla Medig

FacebookCalla Medig.

​​​Melton, James 8/2/1988 Male

Sonny Melton photos, Las Vegas shooting victim, Las Vegas victims,

Sonny Melton/FacebookSonny Melton in 2012.

​Mestas, Patricia ​7/25/1950 ​Female

​Meyer, Austin Cooper ​​9/18/1993 ​Male

​​Murfitt, Adrian Allan 7/5/1982 Male

adrian murfitt

FacebookAdrian Murfitt

​​Parker, Rachael Kathleen 12/16/1983 ​Female

Rachael Parker Manhattan Beach, Las Vegas shooting victims, Las Vegas victims

Manhattan Beach Police DepartmentRachael Parker in a photo from the Manhattan Beach Police Department.

​Parks, Jennifer 1/18/1981 Female

Jenny Parks Lancaster CA, Jenny Parks, Las Vegas victim

GoFundMeJenny Parks and her husband Bobby.

​Parsons, Carolyn Lee ​12/28/1985 ​Female

carrie parsons

FacebookCarrie Parsons

​Patterson, Lisa Marie ​6/26/1971 ​Female

lisa patterson

GoFundMeLisa Patterson.

​Phippen, John Joseph ​​10/25/1960 ​​Male

john phippen

GoFundMeJohn Phippen.

​Ramirez, Melissa V. ​11/29/1990 ​Female

Rivera, Jordyn N. 7/22/1996 Female

jordyn rivera

GoFundMeJordyn Rivera.

​​Robbins, Quinton ​3/21/1997 ​Male

quinton robbins

GoFundMeQuinton Robbins.

​Robinson, Cameron​ 1/1/1989 ​Male

Cameron Robinson

GoFundMeCameron Robinson (r)

​​Roe, Tara Ann 9/1/1983 Female

tara roe

GoFundMeTara Roe (l).

Romero-Muniz, Lisa ​​5/19/1969 ​Female

​Roybal, Christopher Louis 10/9/1988 ​​Male

chris roybal

Chris RoybalChris Roybal.

​Schwanbeck, Brett 1/31/1956 Male​

brett schwanbeck

FacebookBrett Schwanbeck with his girlfriend.

​Schweitzer, Bailey ​4/5/1997 ​Female


​Shipp, Laura Anne ​5/9/1967 ​Female

laura shipp

GoFundMeLaura Shipp.

​Silva, Erick​ 8/19/1996 Male

erick silva

FacebookErick Silva.

​Smith, Susan ​8/24/1964 Female

Stewart, Brennan Lee 2/19/1987 ​Male

​Taylor, Derrick Dean ​9/25/1961 Male

​Tonks, Neysa C. 7/27/1971 Female

Neysa Tonks

GoFundMeNeysa Tonks.

​​Vo, Michelle ​1/10/1985 Female

Von Tillow, Kurt Allen 12/4/1961 ​Male

​Wolfe Jr., William W. ​​10/15/1974 ​Male

Bill Wolfe Pennsylvania, Bill Wolfe Las Vegas, Las Vegas shooting victim

GoFundMeBill Wolfe and his wife.

The coroner’s list also contains the name of the suspect.

You can read the stories of the victims’ lives and see tributes from their loved ones, as well as photos of them, here:

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