LIVE STREAM: Candlelight Vigils Held for Las Vegas Shooting Victims

Mandalay Bay

Getty Exterior photo of the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.

Less than 24 hours after a lone gunman killed over 50 people when he fired guns from the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel, thousands of people across the nation are taking part in vigils to remember the victims.

Police say that on Sunday, the suspect, 64-year old Stephen Paddock, opened fire with several automatic weapons from his room at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. He took aim at a country music festival taking place across the street, where over 22,000 people were gathered.

At least 59 people have died as a result of the shooting incident and 527 others remain injured at hospitals. It was the deadliest mass shooting incident in American history.

Las Vegas officials had been providing updates throughout the day and said there would be two vigils held around the city beginning at 5 p.m. local time (8 p.m. Eastern), and additional ones around the nation were also planned Monday evening.

Watch a live stream of the local vigils, as well as some taking place around the nation, in the videos below:

Paddock was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a hotel room at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino following a police operation. Police say he had at least 10 weapons with him in the hotel room, and he’s believed to have checked in September 28. It’s not currently known how he got the weapons and ammunition into the room.

At a press briefing Monday, authorities said a search of his home in nearby Mesquite turned up at least 18 additional firearms, explosives and thousands of rounds of ammunition. There was also ammonium nitrate located inside his vehicle, officials say.

Paddock’s brother Eric spoke to media members extensively Monday. Eric, who resides in Orlando, Florida, claims his brother never acted violent. He referred to him as a “multimillionaire” and said he’d play $100-a-hand poker consistently.

Paddock's Brother: No Logic to Explain ShootingThe brother of the gunman in the mass shooting Sunday night at a music concert in Las Vegas said there's no logic to explain the shooting. Eric Paddock said his brother played video poker to "stay at home in the casino.'' (Oct. 2) Subscribe for more Breaking News: Get updates and more Breaking News…2017-10-02T18:21:16.000Z

“He was a wealthy guy playing video poker … on cruises,” Eric Paddock told the news outlet, adding he once won $40,000 on a slot machine. “He played high-stakes video poker to be able to stay at home in the casino.”

Paddock’s motive in the shooting is currently unknown.