Logan Melgar: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Army Staff Sergeant Logan Melgar, right, died suspiciously in June while serving in Mali.

Two members of the elite Navy SEAL Team 6 are under investigation after the suspicious death of a U.S. Army Green Beret in Mali, the New York Times reports.

Staff Sergeant Logan Melgar, 34, was found dead June 4 in embassy housing in the Malian capital of Bamako and agents with the Navy Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) are working to determine whether he was strangled by the unnamed SEALs, the Times reports.

The Daily Beast reported November 12 that Melgar was killed after he discovered the SEALs were pocketing money from a fund used to pay informants. Three sources told the news site that the SEALs offered money to Melgar and he declined.

Many details about the case remain a mystery and military officials have kept quiet about Melgar’s death. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Melgar Was Living With Other Special Operators in Mali & Foul Play Was Immediately Suspected, the Times Reports

logan melgar

FacebookLogan Melgar.

Staff Sergeant Logan Melgar was living at U.S. embassy housing in Bamako along with several other Special Operations forces who were assigned to the West African country to help with training and counterterrorism, the New York Times reports.

Melgar died on June 4 and an autopsy by a military medical examiner determined his death was a homicide caused by strangulation, sources told the Times.

According to the Times, details of what led to Melgar’s death have not been made public. His death occurred about 5 a.m. inside the team house. His superiors were initially told he had been injured while wrestling or grappling with the SEALs, the Times reports. According to a version of events told to the newspaper, Melgar was put into a chokehold by one of the commandos and passed out. The SEALs tried to revive him, and then rushed him to a clinic, where he was pronounced dead. But it is not known if that is an accurate account of what occurred.

The newspaper reports that the mystery has led members of the tight-knit Green Beret community to speculate about what happened. The Times reports that some in the community think Melgar could have been involved in a personal dispute with his housemates or could have “stumbled upon some illicit activity the SEALs were involved in, and they silenced him.”

According to The Daily Beast, the SEALs told superiors that Melgar was drunk, and died during a hand-to-hand combat exercise. But the news site reports that an autopsy found no drugs or alcohol in Melgar’s system.

Melgar’s superiors in Germany immediately suspected foul play and an investigator was sent to the scene within 24 hours, the Times reports. He was four months into a six-month tour in Mali, according to the New York Times.

Melgar was part of small team assigned to the U.S. Ambassador to Mali, Paul Folmsbee. He and the team provided intelligence about Islamic militants to Folmsbee, and also served to protect U.S. personnel against attacks and helped assess which local troops could be trained and equipped to create a counterterrorism force, the Times reports.

He was living with three other Special Forces operators, including the two SEAL commandos, who were in Mali at Folmsbee’s request on a previously undisclosed and highly unusual clandestine mission to support French and Malian counterterrorism forces battling Al Qaeda’s branch in North and West Africa, known as Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, as well as smaller cells aligned with Al Qaeda or the Islamic State,” according to the Times. The SEALs provided intelligence for missions and took place in two operations in Mali before Melgar’s death, according to the Times.

2. The 2 SEALs Have Been Called ‘Persons of Interest’ & Were Flown Out of Mali After Melgar’s Death

logan melgar.

Staff Sergeant Logan Melgar.

No one has been charged in Melgar’s death, according to the New York Times report. NCIS took over the investigation on September 25. The Army Criminal Investigative Division originally investigated the death.

The homicide investigation was not made public prior to the Times’ report on October 29. Melgar’s death was not formally announced by the Department of Defense, Army or the Pentagon’s African Command.

“NCIS does not discuss the details of ongoing investigations,” spokesman Ed Buice said in a statement.

According to the Times, the two Navy SEALs, who have not been identified publicly, were flown out of Mali shortly after Melgar’s death. They were initially listed as witnesses, but were later re-classified as “persons of interest,” the newspaper reports. The two SEALs have been placed on administrative leave, according to the Times.

3. Melgar Was a Texas Native Who Enlisted in the Army After Graduating From Texas Tech

Melgar was a Lubbock, Texas, native, graduating from Frenship High School in Wolfforth in 2001, according to the Frenship ISD’s website. He enlisted in the Army after graduating from college, the school district said. He graduated from Texas Tech University.

According to ABC News, Melgar enlisted in 2012 as an 18x, or Special Forces candidate. In 2016, he was assigned to 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) in 2016, after completing Special Forces Qualification and Special Forces Engineer courses, the news network reports.

Melgar was honored by Frenship High School at its homecoming game earlier this month.

“Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger,” the school district said. “This is one way we let the world know that once a person walks through the doors of any Frenship ISD campus, they become part of the Frenship Nation. We become family.”

His family came onto the field during the ceremony, which can be seen at the end of the video above.

4. He Was Based at Fort Bragg in North Carolina & Served 2 Tours in Afghanistan

The Patriot Guard Riders of North Carolina wait at Raleigh-Durham Airport in June to escort Staff Sergeant Melgar.

Staff Sergeant Logan J. Melgar was part of the Army Special Forces Group (Airborne) and was stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. He served two tours in Afghanistan, according to the New York Times. He served as an engineer sergeant during his two deployments, ABC News reports.

“After graduating from Frenship and obtaining his college degree, he enlisted in the Army and became a Green Beret. He earned numerous medals and commendations, and after multiple deployments was deployed for the final time this year,” Frenship ISD said in a statement.

Melgar’s body was returned to North Carolina on June 21. Members of the Patriot Guard Riders of North Carolina were at Raleigh-Durham International Airport to escort him to a local funeral home, according to a post on their Facebook page. He is scheduled to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery on November 20.

5. Melgar Is Survived by His Son, Wife & Stepsons

logan melgar

Logan Melgar graduated from Frenship High School in Texas in 2001.

Melgar is survived by his wife, Michelle, his two step-sons, ages 13 and 15, and his son from a previous relationship, Braxton. He and his wife were married in Lubbock in 2008. Those who knew Melgar told the New York Times that he was a “soldier’s soldier” and “devoted father who texted and talked via Skype” with his wife multiple times a day while overseas.

His widow and brother did not comment when contacted by the New York Times about the death investigation. But Michelle Melgar told CNN she was notified her husband’s death had been ruled a homicide, adding, “I ask for privacy during this time — I hope that you will allow me to tell my story when I’m ready. I knew him best — he was my best friend. It’s all so new — I’m sorry.”

A family spokesperson gave a statement to his former high school before the homecoming ceremony honoring him.

“Staff Sgt. Melgar did what most only dream of and excelled at every turn! His life was epic! He is missed dearly every single day, but his legacy lives on through his family and his son Braxton,” the statement said.
According to The Daily Beast, Melgar’s wife, Michelle, became suspicious about his death. Sources told the news site that he had emailed her about issues he was having with the SEALs he was living with. She has not commented publicly on the case because she does not want to interfere with the investigation, sources say.


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I truly hope those Seals weren’t involved in his death. If so, please ship them to North Korea.


For the “anonymous” commentator ; the two members of Seal Team 6 were in fact Jewish by blood. They were not “White”…and the two men have quite a history of traitor like behavior. A lot of men in the special forces community know these two traitors so I will keep their names silent our of respect for my country and for justice. It would behoove you to only speak when you are certain of the facts.

Roman Catholic, USMC

Since when is beingJewish a race or color?
It’s a religion.
Looks quite apparent that YOU should get your facts straight.
Antisemitic asshole.

Chesty Puller

This racist and antisemitic shit sickens me.
None of you flakes could ever serve and/or fight for this country.
When the shit hits the fan, we’ll see who’ll soldier through.
This Marine ( and my brothers ) will be alright, I can assure you that.
All of you intolerant shitters will be running around like a turkey with it’s head cut off.


This is the ultimate form of betrayal that can only be resolved by firing squad. Unbelievable that these Seals who are supposed to be honorable would kill another soldier.


It’s bad enough when a troop is killed accidentally, or in battle, or even during a disaster. The absolute worst is betrayal by venal members of your own side, and for mere money. Punishment should be the sternest possible.


It’s bad enough when a troop is killed accidentally, or in battle, or even during a disaster. The absolute worst is betrayal by venal members of your own side. Punishment should be the sternest possible, and for merely money.

Andrea Collins

Wow! Magen had no clue this was up here and the pictures were from something his family wanted his son to go to. Sorry y’all feel that way! She didn’t even want his name out there. She never took a dime from him, never took him to court and supported him when he joined!

Why are judging her she had no control over this and the pictures are from something from their high school that honored Logan and his family asked her to go on their behalf!

She isn’t looking for anything never has and never will but she will let their son grieve and support him like she has done his entire life.

Sad y’all can’t see a boy lost his father and will never get that back.

Maybe a little grace their way instead of judgment


Because it’s not his son. It’s funny how people can just claim that someone is their child’s dad, when they’re not. The media should really ask for proof before printing that crap. I only knew of his two step-sons, because they’re the only kids he ever spoke of. They were his passion. That dude loved them, and he did his job to make the 2 boys and his wife proud of him. Logan Truly loved his wife and her two boys that he loved as much as any dad could. He was an awesome husband and dad, the world could use more guys like him.

Andrea Collins

Well I happen to know the mother and the son personally, And yes it is he looks identical to him, His parents and family adore his son.

No one is taking away from the wife and 2 boys he did love them but the 2 boys donhave a wonderful dad as well that is active in their life.
There is no reason to be hateful this little boy did absolutely nothing to be nasty about he’s 11! If you know Braxton like many in the hometown do he is polite, respectful and absolutely wonderful! Just because you didn’t know about him doesn’t mean it’s not true!

It’s not a stupid claim it’s fact and as always paperwork to back it up really solidifies it.


I’m not saying anything about the kid and his disposition. I’m saying that his mom looks like she’s looking for fame and fortune. Knowing Logan and serving by his side for years, he would’ve mentioned him, especially if he had a relationship with him. You don’t see Pics of his wife and step-sons everywhere, and they lived with him for years. Looks like someone’s just looking for attention. That’s just how we as teamates see it out here. Done.


one more thing, you said you don’t see picts of the step boys, because it is not aloud unless the real dad knows. That’s what you do not realize Hall!! They are his step-boys and have a loving, caring, hardworking dad. He does everything for them. You just pissed off the wrong person on this matter and situation. If you feel like you need to tell me or try and prove me wrong…do it!! You better have your facts right is all I know.

Andrea Collins

Also I know Braxton’s mother well she is very respectful person, loving mom and supported Logan and the boys in everything he did!

She was also friends with his wife for years and is friends with the boys real dad and step mom. So before you say anything you need to get your facts straight!


I can only speak for the way I heard Logan speak. I’ve served with him for his entire time in the Army, and he never mentioned the kid. He only talked about his wife’s two kids as “his boys.” I don’t care who knows who…. Logans pride and joy were the two boys who lived with him. It’s takes more than DNA to be considered a persons dad. If Logan had a relation with the boy, he would’ve mentioned it. It bothers me that there are pics of the kid being exploited NOW that Logans gone and can’t speak for himself, but there aren’t any from before Logan died. That’s convenient.

Andrea Collins

That’s because Logan and Braxton’s mom had an agreement they were in there early 20’s and he at that point didn’t want to be a dad. As they got older they remained in touch and agreed when Braxton was older they would tell him together. I’ve seen the paperwork signed by Logan he states that he is Braxton’s father. If you ever meet Braxton your jaw will drop because it’s his identical mini walking around.

Braxton’s (Magen) mom didn’t even know this was on here but just as your sticking up for what you know so am I.

I also hope that if you do meet this darling little boy people would be kind. She is on Facebook and very kind instead of going back and forth maybe you should reach out to her.

Let’s not put it past the media they post crap without any concern for others.


First of all, if you were a team member truth, honesty, and trust should be what you all live by because you are military and a tight group, right? I have many family members that are very much up in the military and our family lives by law. I want to laugh at you if you are so intelligent, because DNA proves everything!?!?!?!? As for the comment above about his son’s mother wanting fame and fortune it doesn’t seem they are wanting or getting anything and want nothing other than to know the truth about his dad. From personal experience he was a great dad, step dad, and all around good guy that served our country well. He will be dearly missed and prayers to the Melgar family, his son, 2 step sons, and everyone that is at a loss. As far as commenting on this situation, please get your facts straight before you comment or say a word about the situation. Please remember, there are families that are involved and please be respectful.


I have a question for you, do you want pictures, proof, and to prove you wrong? I would really think about what you are saying and know for a fact!!! I would probably figure you are wrong on a lot of things, just to let you know. Have a wonderful night


oh and for your information, their real dad “by blood” is in their life and does everything that the mother will allow him to do. Until you are in the situation shut your mouth and sit down. You have know idea what these families are going through. ALL OF THEM thank you very much.

Kathleen Hacker

I can only hope those involved will be held accountable. IF he did “stumble across something” I hope did he told someone who can expose what ever it is.Poor guy.

The Fighting Irish

This sickens me.
Awaiting to see where this story leads to.
There’s some major “farkin’ ” malfunction going on here.


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