Natural History Museum in London Car Ramming Suspect: Videos & Photos

natural history museum

Getty Natural History Museum in London.

A man ran his car into pedestrians outside London’s National History Museum on October 7. Videos from the scene’s aftermath quickly emerged on social media. The end portion of this video shows the suspect on the ground and under arrest:

The number of people injured was not set clear, although reports out of London said “several,” and the suspect was arrested at the scene. According to the Sun, the attack was deliberate. However, a later report said that police are not treating the incident as a terrorist attack at this time. Daily Mail reported that the suspect was a taxi driver.

That news came from a police spokesperson to the Guardian, which reports that the museum is one of the city’s busiest.

Here’s a close view of the suspect who was arrested at the scene. He appeared to be bleeding.

“Scotland Yard said a number of pedestrians had been injured in the incident in Exhibition Road in South Kensington shortly after 2.20pm on Saturday,” The Guardian reported, adding, “It is not being treated as a terrorist incident at this stage while we establish what has happened.”

According to The Sun, a man was detained at the scene.

“Nearby museums have been evacuated while the roads remain closed and the London Underground has closed between Embankment and South Kensington,” The Sun reported.

It was not clear the degree to which people were injured. The identities of the suspect and victims were not released.

Police shouted to witnesses to “Go, go, run!” during the incident, according to Sky News.

CNN also reported the incident while not providing as many details as the British news outlets. ” number of pedestrians were injured Saturday after a car collision near London’s Natural History Museum, London Metropolitan Police said. A man was arrested at the scene, police said,” according to CNN.

Photos from the scene showed some chaos but not the degree of carnage as has been seen in other car ramming attacks in Europe, such as those in Barcelona, Spain and on the Westminster Bridge in London.

One report claimed the car drove for long distances before hitting people.

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