Parkersburg Fire: Photos & Videos of Ames Warehouse Blaze

A fire has been burning at an old Ames warehouse plant in Parkersburg, West Virginia since this weekend, and officials are still trying to put out all the flames. Residents have been asked to stay inside if they can, and schools in the area are still canceled through Friday. Below are photos and videos of the fire. To read more about what’s happening, see Heavy’s story here.

The video below was recorded on October 23:

The old Ames Tool Plant is owned by Intercontinental Export Import Inc. (IEI), which stored a number of unknown products in the warehouse, including products purchased from a nearby DuPont plant.

Officials still don’t know what materials are in the warehouse, the Charleston Gazette-Mail reported. Today, the Department of Environmental Protection ordered IEI to immediately provide a detailed inventory of the materials in the warehouse, along with their plans on how they will properly dispose of the debris.

On Thursday, residents nearby had been told to take shelter in their homes and if they’re in an area where a smell is detectable, they should try to stay indoors with windows and doors closed, keeping the AC and heater off if possible.

Officials have been warning about the potential for a large fire at the warehouse for nearly a decade, the Charleston Gazette-Mail reported.

Here are more photos of the fire:

Here’s an arial view from October 24:

And a gallery of photos from the 24th:

Read more about the fire in Heavy’s story below: