Stephen Paddock Conspiracy: ‘Fourth Floor Shooter’ Rumors Circulate

Stephen Paddock conspiracy theories


It didn’t take long for police to identify Stephen Paddock as the gunman responsible for killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more when he opened fire from his hotel room at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

Nearly a week later, police still don’t know Paddock’s motive. However, ever since videos of the shooting appeared online, people have been talking about all different kinds of scenarios that may have happened, trying to make sense of this massacre. In addition, various conspiracy theories have been circulating online, including chatter about the Illuminati and a strange account of a woman who told people that they were “all going to die” about 45 minutes before the shooting, according to a concertgoer that spoke to the local news.

Some of the most talked about theories involve there being more than one shooter. Although LVMPD officer Larry Hadfield updated the public on this on Thursday (“We investigated. There was one single shooter. That’s official,” he said), the internet has their own opinions about it. Aside from thinking that this massacre was just too big and too well-organized for one person to carry out on his own, there has also been a lot of speculation about a possible shooter that was located on the fourth floor of Mandalay Bay.

Check out the video below. Some people believe that they can see a gun going off on a much lower floor than the 32nd, where police say Paddock was located.

Mandalay Bay (Cover Up Footage). Shooter On 4th Floor Not 32nd #Share!!You can clearly see shots being fired from the fourth floor of the Mandalay B2017-10-03T00:20:06.000Z

Some unofficial news outlets have given legs to these rumors by reporting that there indeed was gunfire from the fourth floor of the hotel.

“[Two] videos show gunfire originating from the fourth floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, much lower than the 32nd floor, where the mainstream media is claiming Stephen Paddock, a ‘lone wolf,’ fired on the crowd using an automatic weapon,” reported Your News Wire. “The answers are simple. The corporate media, controlled by a small, elite oligarchy, is operating on behalf of the New World Order, attempting to mislead the public into believing their enemies are their friends, and their friends are their enemies,” the site added.

These stories have been circulating on social media, causing many people to wonder if Paddock was a lone gunman. Snopes reports that the stories about a gunman on the fourth floor of Mandalay Bay are false.

“Despite what the narrator says, the video in fact does not show muzzle flashes from a nonexistent shooter on the fourth floor of the hotel. The most obvious evidence supporting this is that none of the windows on the hotel’s fourth floor were broken. Another video tracked down by social media users shows the same light flashing an hour before the shooting started — it can be seen twinkling on the right side of the screen.”

You can see that video below.

Additional details about Stephen Paddock and about the Las Vegas concert shooting are being released daily.

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