Tanglepets on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Kids’ Hair Brushes

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Tanglepets entered the Shark Tank with their kids’ hair brushes that are attached to a stuffed animal. They make the once dreaded detangling session a fun experience for both parents and children.

We interviewed founder – and mom – Liz Martin, whose company was born after she glued an owl plush to a brush. Once she had that initial prototype, she worked tirelessly to find the perfect brush that detangled every hair type and the most snuggly stuffed animal to pair to it. Although her Indiegogo experience was quite lackluster- she raised $50 from a sympathetic family member- she launched in March of last year.

Feedback from parents has been overwhelming positive, with many calling her brush a “game changer.” She said that many moms buy her product thinking it’s cute, and then realize it actually does work.

As for the future of her “brush in a plush,” Martin hopes to one day partner with big-box retailers like Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Toys “R” Us.

Here’s what else she told us about…

How the Idea Came About

A Kid's Hairbrush Reminding Kids how AWESOME they are!We introduce you to the TanglePet. A hair brush with a cute, cuddly animal plush cover. Making kids love it. Mom's NEED it. Order Today at http://www.tanglepets.com2017-01-23T19:53:50.000Z

As a mom of three girls, brushing hair had become the most dreaded part of my day. It was one day that I was trying to pull my kids away from playing with their toys to get ready that I saw the cute stuffed animals they were sitting on the floor playing with and realized I needed a brush that looks like that! So I grabbed one of there plush owls and glued a brush to it’s tummy, and they not only stopped running away from me, but actually looked forward to it!

Advice for Future ‘Tank’ Contestants

Believe in yourself. Be kind. Walk into every room knowing people love you. They just may have forgotten. Remind them. Visualize what you want, then make sure every action and thought coincides with that. If it doesn’t, get rid of it.  

How She Balances Motherhood With Running a Business

With the support of a rockstar family and friends willing to help with mom duties when I’m in business mode. But to be honest, in my situation I have to work, and I loved this because I could put my kids to bed and knock out six hours, so I could spend days being their mom, my favorite job.

The Positive Affirmations Written Into the Tags

Since I was little, my mom very rarely let me leave the house without reminding me who I was. It was such a foundation of the strength I had to face the adversity and unkindness of this world. When I became a mom, I was constantly finding ways to include it in my kids’ life. Once I started using the goofy owl brush I made, I realized it opened up this time where instead of fighting and crying, I could talk with my kids one-on-one. I realized it was the perfect opportunity for individual attention and to remind them their worth! I wanted other parents to have the same opportunity and thought by just putting the reminder in the tag, it would offer up a new habit. One that helped me to feel strong and loved regardless of what I faced as a kid.


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