Devin Kelley’s Social Media: Shooting Suspect Posted Photo of Gun


Law enforcement officials gather near the First Baptist Church following a shooting on November 5 in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Police say a 26-year-old Texas man who once taught Bible study shot and killed at least 26 people and injured 20 more inside of a church Sunday. Devin Patrick Kelley, who lived San Antonio suburb New Braunfels, was identified by authorities as the suspect in what’s the deadliest mass killing at a house of worship in modern U.S. history.

Police say that around 11:15 a.m. local time November 5, Kelley, wearing tactical gear and a ballistic vest, started firing a gun from the outside of First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs. He kept shooting as he entered the church and took aim at parishioners who were gathered inside for a worship service. One of the victims was the 14-year-old daughter of the pastor at the church. The ages of the victims range from 18 months to 72-years old, police say.

Police said that after the shooting, Kelley fled the area in his vehicle, and residents pursued him through Guadalupe County. He was found deceased inside the vehicle after he crashed. It’s not yet known if he shot himself, or if he was shot by those chasing him.

Police looked through Kelley’s social media profiles prior to him being identified, and his Facebook profile was deleted hours after the shooting. The Daily Beast reported that Kelley was married, and his mother-in-law has a P.O. box listed in Sutherland Springs. His home was raided by agents following the shooting.

On October 29, Kelley posted a photo of what looked like an AR-15 semiautomatic weapon with the caption: “She’s a bad b**ch.” He reportedly used the photo of the gun as his cover photo and the shooting took place exactly one week later.

A post on Kelley’s Facebook page from October 29.

A LinkedIn account with Kelley’s name says that he served in the United States Air Force from 2009-2013 and taught Bible study at VBS at Kingsville FBC.

A later CBS News report said that Kelley served in the Air Force from 2010 until 2014. He was dishonorably discharged in May 2014 for assaulting his spouse and their child, Fox News’ Lucas Tomlinson reported.

“I am a hard working dedicated person,” his bio on LinkedIn said. “I live by he core values on which the Air Force go by.”

Devin Kelley’s LinkedIn account.

A list of causes Kelley “cares about” on the LinkedIn profile states things like “civil rights and social action,” “health,” “human rights” and “arts and culture.”

The “causes” Kelley wrote he cared about.

Kelley’s Facebook profile photo showed him with two small children. According to a listing of marriage licenses in Texas, Kelley got married to Danielle Shields on April 4, 2014 in Comal County. He was 23 at the time and she was 19.

FacebookDevin Kelley’s Facebook page.

The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said special agents from its Houston and San Antonio offices are responding to the shooting and assisting in the investigation. No motive has been identified yet, and officials said there’s no evidence suggesting Kelley was part of a terrorist organization.

President Donald Trump tweeted that he was briefed on the situation and was monitoring it while in Japan on his trip across Asia.

Sutherland Springs is a small unincorporated town about 40 miles east of San Antonio. Its reported population in 2000 was 362 people.

To learn more about Kelley and the church shooting, click below.

The mass shooting comes a little over one month after a gunman opened fire on thousands of people gathered at a concert across from his Las Vegas hotel room. Fifty-eight people died and over 500 others were injured in what was the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.


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Bill Thrower

A list of causes Kelley “cares about” on the LinkedIn profile states things like “civil rights and social action,” “health,” “human rights” and “arts and culture.”

So once again we have a democrat who guns down people. Hated Christians just like democrats do and bought into the while democrat hate disguised as civil rights and social issues.

And for those idiots out there that still think this is a treatment issue …
Most of the mass shooter had been receiving mental heath care PRIOR to their rampages.
One common thread is that almost every single one has been a leftist.
It is democrat hate that pushing these people over the edge.


What is unclear is what did he say or shout.
Was it: Shma Israel,
Hare Krishna,
Jesus Saves
Sig Heil
Allahu Akhbar?

Roy W

Why do you ignore his atheist likes on his FB page? Also, you skim over the fact he stopped shooting because another person with a gun confronted him.


This has left wing radical written all over it .you’ve made a lot of folks very angry.

An Independent

Why is the right wing always trying to defend themselves by making it about politics?


This has Antifa written all over it – he was dressed in black and his interests were “civil rights” and “social actions.” He was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force which means he was guilty of some kind of serious infraction. If he had mental problems, he wouldn’t have been given a dishonorable, he’d have been given a general discharge for medical reasons.


This is another sad day in life for more life’s to be lost for no good reason! I am blaming a lot of all this on social media. I am praying for the families who lost the ones they loved!


Attended the Antifa rally yesterday. Another deranged Liberal mind gone mad. Christians under attack from American Liberals and Islam.


Funny thing is that this shooter would have agreed with Hillary’s puppet master Putin, he’s a known alt-leftist, alt-leftists love Putin, look at the money Putin funnels to the democrats, the democrats have a long history of helping the Russians.

An Independent

Mike ????

Putin a known alt-leftist? What or who is an alt-leftist? The money trail from Russia points to their own self interest, much of it going to Trump Co.

Sylvie Býrnes

From a Canadian friend. My heart breaks for you. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I wish u could offer more. God bless you


I suppose the “we need more guns laws” crowd needs to read this. He was forbidden by law from owning any firearms, as he was a felon.
“The dishonorable discharge is based on a general court-martial conviction. This means the conviction is a felony, regardless of what the underlying offense may have been. The convicted felon is banned from possessing a firearm including Title II Firearms (a Silencer, SBR, SBS, AOW, or Machine Gun).Sep 26, 2010”

Chris H.

Uh I found his facebook which he last posted about a year ago. He does not even say he is in a relationship, no mention of military, says he has no children and wants to keep it that way. It’s the same guy from the same town.
Someone is lying, again.


Zuckerberg had his FB page shutdown within twenty minutes after his identity was revealed.


This has mental illness written all over it. When will this country stop stigmitizing mental illness & start treating it.

John Doe

If the GOP makes it difficult for working-class people to get medical insurance, you can expect more shootings.


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