Devin Patrick Kelley’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Devin Patrick Kelley was identified as the shooter who walked into the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday and killed at least 26 people while wounding about 20 more.

While a motive in the shooting is not known at this time, the killer’s history includes being a bible study teacher, as well as liking pages on Facebook devoted to atheism. Kelley is confirmed dead and was a husband as well as a father.

Kelley’s wife, Danielle Shields, was a past teacher at the same church where the tragedy took place.

In a heroic move, authorities say an unidentified citizen in the church “grabbed his rifle and confronted the suspect,” who was armed with a “Ruger AR assault type rifle.” The same citizen reportedly pursued the suspect, who subsequently crashed and was found dead in his vehicle. “We don’t know if it was a self inflicted gunshot wound or if he was shot by our local resident who engaged him with gunfire,” authorities said. The atrocity is the largest mass shooting in Texas history.

Kelley’s family appears to have strong ties to the church, and it is not yet known if any of his family members are victims. Heavy spoke with an uncle of Kelley’s who said he hopes the man “burns in hell.” At least one of the family members was killed.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Was Married With Children & Was Previously Divorced After ‘Assaulting His Wife & Child’

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Danielle Shield’s Facebook profile photo.

Public records show 26-year-old Kelley was a resident of New Braunfels, a city near San Antonio. Those records also indicate that the shooter’s family was from the same town.

The man reportedly lived in his parent’s $1 million home, according to the New York Times.

According to Texas marriage license records, Kelley was married to Danielle Shields on April 4, 2014 in Comal County. Kelley was 23 at the time of the marriage, and Danielle was 19. He was the father of at least two, a son and a daughter. Danielle and the children are safe following the attack, a source told Heavy.

Shields’ Facebook profile page shows two young children in photos, and her profile picture shows a smiling, seemingly happy woman.

An older Facebook account under the woman’s name states that she studied at Texas A&M University in Kingsville.

The woman’s Instagram account describes her as a a free spirited dog fanatic, nature enthusiast and “married to my best friend.”

It is not known if the wife was a victim of the carnage or if the marriage was on good terms at the time of the shooting.

A look at Kelley’s past shows violence wasn’t something new for the madman. The New York Times reported Kelley as being married “at least once before,” and added that he “was sued for divorce in 2012 in New Mexico, the same year he was court-martialed on charges of assaulting his wife and child.”

“In my opinion Devin is a coward and deserves to burn in hell…I am so sorry for the church goers in Texas…My heart goes out to the families,” Dave Ivey, Kelley’s uncle, wrote to Heavy.

A screenshot shows Dave Ivey saying “Devin was angry with government.”

In another post Ivey stated that “Devin was angry with government…He believes in his rights as a human…he is an atheist…Non Believer…He has had several domestic cases with his new wife who is a member of the church.”

2. Kelley’s Mother-in-Law Received ‘Threatening Texts’ From Kelley

Christopher Combs, the FBI Agent in charge said Kelley “expressed anger” towards his mother-in-law, Michelle Fields. Combs stated the following, which you can watch in the above news conference:

It’s a senseless crime but we can tell you there was a domestic situation going on within this family. The suspect’s mother-in-law had attended this church. We know that he had made threatening texts from him, and we can’t go into details about that domestic situation that is continuing to be vetted and thoroughly investigated…this was not racially motivated, it wasn’t over religious beliefs…there was a domestic situation going on with the family and in-laws.

Michelle has a P.O. box listed in Sutherland Springs, and her Facebook profile also indicates that she lives in the same town.

Michelle is Facebook friends with the wife of the pastor, Sherri Pomeroy, indicating the family had strong ties to the church. The Pomeroy’s lost their daughter in the tragedy, as reported by The Boston Herald.

“My husband and I were ironically out of town in two different states,” Pomeroy told the Herald in a text. “We lost our 14-year-old daughter today and many friends.”

3. Michelle Shields’ Mother Is Among the Victims

At this time it is known that at least one of Kelley’s family members was killed. Michelle Shield’s mother, Lula Woincinsky White, was murdered in Sunday’s shooting, according to a Facebook update posted by a woman who says she is White’s niece.

“This was my aunt’s last post before she was murdered this morning in the church shooting. I have no doubt where she is right now. She is in Heaven laying her crowns and jewels at the feet of Jesus and celebrating. I love and will miss you Aunt Lula Woicinski White,” wrote Facebook user Amy Johnson Backus, posting a copy of the last post her aunt put on the social media site:

The shooter’s parents, Michael and Rebecca Kelley, are from New Braunfels, Texas, as are his two sisters, Lillian and Lauren. They have not been named as victims.

According to a Google Plus account, Rebecca attended Texas A&M University, and worked as an “Art Director at Dilloware.”

A LinkedIn page for Kelley’s sister Lauren states that she “worked with at-risk and homeless young adults ages 16-22,” in 2011. “The program is intended as an intermediary step between foster care and self-sufficiency. The residents were given a place to stay and taught life skills necessary for independence and were aided in the furtherance of their educations.”

A source told Heavy that most of Kelley’s family were members of the church, and added that they remembered the shooter showing up for service only “a few times.”

It is not known if any of Kelley’s family members were victims of the mass shooting.

4. His Wife Was a Teacher at the Church

According to a profile on, Shield’s was a “teacher for toddlers” at First Baptist of Sutherland Springs from June of 2009 to March of 2013. Her responsibilities included teaching the children about God, helping with “their life stones that are needed,” and being a “positive influence in their life,” the page stated.

The page also said Shields was once a coach for Special Olympics and a behavioral leader in the past, and that she volunteered with the elderly.

5. Kelley’s Home Is Being Searched & Family Members Are Likely Being Interviewed

According to, authorities were searching Kelley’s home as of Sunday night, and didn’t “believe Kelley is linked to organized terrorists.”

ABC News reported that “Two sheriff’s vans were parked outside and police officers stood at the gate of a cattle fence surrounding the address listed for the Texas church shooting suspect, preventing a group of waiting journalists from entering.”

The home was described by the station as being “in a wooded area on the rural, western outskirts of New Braunfels, north of San Antonio.”

Investigators are likely interviewing the man’s family to help understand how he could commit such a devastating act of evil.


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Devin patrick kelley. You idiots who knew him knew he was nuts and you did NOTHING. Air force you MORONS. 1 year for crushing a babys skull you fkg idiots!!!@@@×

Jesher Spelling

Poor lefties, First Paddock, now Kelly. Two atheists, two anti government types – way to go. For those posting about “religion is the root of evil” just shows how utterly ignorant you are about the Gospels.


Paddock ugly bloated scum with stupid money hungry braindead girlfriend. Kelley, fat slob pig faced white trash with obtuse wives and moron military and puke justice commanders. Barf.


Wow to see the GARBAGE spewed from this sites readers. His wife is still VERY much alive and so are her kiddos, she’d have to be to be sitting with the FBI getting interrogated WHICH SHE IS. Devin can rest in hell as he deserves but are we serious people? How can you make up such vile stories and spread them as truth. 5 fast facts….. are you kidding me? You’re attacking his family members and making it look like maybe they had something to do with it because they were all friends in a church. May have not been the intention of the article but sure seems that way.that have. This man is the slime of the earth and he is where he belongs but dragging the family through the mud should be the LAST thing anyone wants to do. I’m afraid for our country.

Your dad

Literally no attack on his family and if you want to give an official statement to the press, so be it, clearly the fbi is still investigating and the families aren’t giving interviews, not to mention we still have no none victims other than the pastors daughter. Is it reaching? Maybe, but there’s not one slanderous state mentioned made about anyone


His family was obviously dumb and clueless. Mom and dad out to lunch. Ok..your son fractured a babys skull and u let him have a gun? Fukg idiots.


It is only terrorism if it is intended to promote some kind of ideology. Otherwise it is mass murder. The difference is in the motives and intended after-effects. It is too soon to say whether or not this qualifies.

A straight-up revenge murder of some in-laws and assorted collateral bystanders who get in the way isn’t the same crime as a politically motivated terrorist attack. The motive of a Revenge attack is to remove the hated person from or persons from the world. Terrorism is intended to change the behavior of the living who remain. I suspect this is the former because I seen no evidence of the latter. It is awfully soon to be jumping to conclusions though.


PER THE WIFE’S FACEBOOK PAGE, IT APPEARS SHE AND THE CHILDREN WERE KILLED: “Timothy Adams RIP Beautiful Angel Danielle Lee Shields (Kelley) and her children, I can’t believe what your husband did to you and your children and many innocent souls, Jesus Christ bring you, your children and victims to the heaven but Devin Kelley already in a lake of fire (Hell) forever!”

Wendy Maddy

it is vitally important that we have programs in place in every school and county and town to visit the homes of all children in the districts and the home schooled and unschooled children also, to determine if there are any risk factors in the home, and if the children are well adjusted and happy. only when we care enough about our families and children to make sure everything is going all right in the homes and with the children and determine if any of their needs are not being met, and then meet them. families and children need help. all children, not just the loners or outcasts, need to be seen by a school counselor and all of them tested for self esteem. and given standard psychological tests. this will help identify kids who might have the need for counseling and further help adjusting. the school’s bullying index and social caste system needs to be altered to be inclusive, instead, and most schools need that yesterday! especially in upper elementary, junior high and high school. it’s terrible what some kids go through, and the parents are even worse, sometimes not allowing certain kids in their homes or their children to associate with poorer kids or those considered “rough.” we need to love and give everyone an even chance socially!


When abused and neglected children do,attend schools nothing is done about it. So why allow “experts” invade private homes to check if their self esteem is good. That is a crazy idea.

Chuck's an idiot

“Kelley’s Facebook page also showed that he had liked pages devoted to atheism…”


What’s your point? Something like 70% of mass shooters in America have identified as Christians.

Macro Man Jr.

Hey, Danny:

“Chuck’s an idiot” is making the point to respond to the commenter “Chuck” cynically remark “Religion is the root of all evil.” This guy might’ve been an atheist, not that such is truly the kernel of the matter.

And while you can claim how most mass shooters claim to identify as “Christians,” the point is, religion isn’t a necessary prerequisite for someone doing something insanely f*cked up.

After all, atheist Communist regimes had no problem killing between 100 to 200 million people in the 20th century. China today still persecutes various religious peoples.

There is little correlation to be made here regarding religion. This isn’t to say there aren’t people out there committing violence (supposedly) in the name of religion. This isn’t to say “religion” hasn’t been a source of violence and contention.
It’s to say, this mass shooting issue here generally has more to do with social, political, and governmental issues here.

This loser chose a church as his target, but the last guy chose “Sin City” as his target. There’s no perceivable connection between religious beliefs and Paddock’s actions. There’s no reason to assume religion was a motive here in this incident.

Your dad

While religion isn’t the root of ALL evil, it sure is the cause of some. I have very little doubt however that the church played a big role, this was the actions of a sick man attacking specific people. As an atheist I follow several religious pages and no atheist pages, need to know what the nuts are up to (most are nuts, few are evil)


Religion isn’t the problem. People are the problem. People are stupid and weak…easily led astray. Easily led to the slaughter.


He was a godless spoiled punk beetch enabled by weak parents who let him shoot guns and kill dogs on their property. Stupid white trash.


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