WATCH: Eminem’s EPIC SNL Performance Featuring Skylar Grey

Eminem killed it as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live hosted by Chance the rapper November 18.

The lyrical master opened up with his new song, “Walk on Water,” a rap about the struggles and pressures of keeping up with the expectations of fans. Joining him with jaw-dropping, beautiful vocals was Skylar Grey, a blonde bombshell who shines on the stage alongside the “rap god.”

“Every album song I was spazzin’ the f*ck out on…and now I’m gettin’ clowned and frowned on…but the only one who’s looking down on me that matters now’s DeShaun…Am I lucky to be around this long?,” Eminem rhymes, in part.

He then moved onto performing part of one of his most genius songs out there, “Stan”, an epic story about an obsessive fan who ends his life after Em doesn’t write him back in time.

Slim Shady closed the set with a partial version of “Love the Way You Lie,” which was originally a duet between the star and Rhianna.

Eminem became famous after he released “The Real Slim Shady” album in 1999, when the album went multi-platinum, earning the singer two Grammy Awards and four MTV Video Music Awards.

And he certainly didn’t stop there. In 2000 he released “The Marshall Mathers LP,” which became the fastest-selling album in all of rap history, according to

18 years later and you would hardly notice the artist has aged, still a natural genius with a microphone in hand.

Fans of the legend cannot contain their excitement about Eminem’s new album, speculated to be called Revival, which had a rumored release date of November 17. However, that didn’t happen, leading to endless chatter via social media in anticipation of the long-awaited tracks to come.

“Different pages claim Eminem’s Revival Album will drop tonight at 11pm EST. No official word yet but if it’s coming out this week, 11pm is likely as iTunes usually gets updated around that time,” @ShadyFansite tweeted.

“Me if #Eminem #Revival doesn’t drop tonight,” @cal_rodger tweeted along with a Gif depicting a scene from “Stan.”

@edgymeme9999 joked about President Donald Trump listening to “Revival,” as the star has made it clear that he is not a fan and furthermore doesn’t want any fans who support the POTUS.

Watch Eminem angrily slamming the president below:

“Eminem bumping Revival in his headphones and we wait it for 4 years,” @Southpawer stated. “UNLEASH IT.”

Because Eminem has been set to perform on Saturday Night Live tonight for some time, fans thought his upcoming album would surely come out beforehand…unfortunately they were wrong.

“Eminem has to drop his album tonight cause otherwise why the hell would he be the musical guest tomorrow on SNL? #Revival,” said @davidohrtiz69.

@Justmojiarmy talked about the star performer’s expected to be included in the highly anticipated album. “According to this leaked Tracklist, Eminem’s new album #Revival is a double disc album, contains 18 tracks and features LL cool J, Jay Z, Skylar Grey, Beyonce, 2Chainz, Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar,” he wrote.

Read more about the album’s brilliant marketing and release, which remains a mystery below:



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Young Christian's mother

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