Rancho Tehama School Shooting: Victims of the Tragedy

Five dead in Rancho Tehama shootingA morning shooting in Tehama County left five people dead and two children wounded.2017-11-14T19:40:40.000Z

Police say four people died after a suspect opened fire near an elementary school in rural northern California.

Jeanine Quist, an administrative assistant with the Corning Union Elementary School District, reported that nobody was killed at the school, but added that a “number” of students had been shot and wounded, according to ABC 7.

KRCRTV reported that “one student was shot and they have been transported for treatment.” The station also reported “another child and a woman was shot while driving in a truck,” and noted that they “have also been transported.”

According to authorities, the shooter was shot and killed by police, making the death toll five.

Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said that multiple shots were fired before 8 am local time at Rancho Tehama School on the outskirts of Corning, California. “We have airlifted a number of students,” Johnston said. I know that the school’s been cleared.” He continued:

I don’t have a list of victims…I do not know how many victims…I don’t know any information at this time about any of the victims at the school. I know that we have medevaced a number of students. I know that the school has been cleared. I know that we have the children that were attending school in a safe location at this time…we have about 100 law enforcement personnel in Rancho Tehama right now with multiple, multiple scenes.

Johnston said there were reports of a domestic violence incident that involved the suspect, who has not yet been identified at the time of publishing.


Johnston told reporters that a semi-automatic rifle and two handguns were recovered from the scene.

“We currently have seven shooting scenes that we have yellow tape around that we will have to process. We have requested the Department of Justice and their investigative evidence team to respond. Additionally, the FBI has volunteered their crime scene investigative unit,” Johnston stated.

According to ABC 7, “A man in the area said his roommate was among the victims in Northern California and that his neighbor was the gunman.”

In addition, Kevin Flint told Record Searchlight newspaper that his neighbor, whom he only knows as Kevin, had stolen his truck. Flint reported that he and his roommate told police that the neighbor was acting “crazy” and threatening them.

He added that the neighbor had been shooting “hundreds of rounds” from large magazines.


One boy, 6-year-old Alejandro Hernandez, was shot in the chest and his foot. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Hernandez and his family as they cope with his injuries. The page, which has already raised over $16,000 of a $6,000 goal at the time of publishing, states:

Alejandro Hernandez, 6, was shot in the chest and right foot when a gunman opened fire on the Rancho Tehama Elementary School play yard. He was one of many victims of the mass shooting on 11/14/2017. His family needs prayers and support at this time and any donation and prayers are appreciated. Thank You.

You may donate to the fund by clicking here.

This article will up updated as information becomes available.