Leigh Corfman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Leigh Corfman Facebook page Facebook/Cycle World of Gadsden

Leigh Corfman pictured in July 2015.

An Alabama woman has come forward and accused Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore of initiating a sexual encounter between the two when she was 14. Leigh Corfman, 53, told her horrific story to the Washington Post in a bombshell report that was published on November 9.

Moore won the nomination to be the Republican senatorial candidate in September 2017 after defeating the Trump-backed Luther Strange in the GOP primary. Moore will face off against Democrat Doug Jones in the special election to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions on December 12. Moore is a former chief justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Corfman Says She Was Approached by Moore While Her Parents Were Embroiled in a Custody Dispute

roy moore


Corfman told the Washington Post that Roy Moore approached her when she was 14 years old outside of a courtroom in Etowah County, Alabama. At the time, Moore was a 32-year-old assistant district attorney. After speaking with Corfman and her mother, Nancy Wells, Moore allegedly offered to watch the teen while Wells went into the courtroom for a child custody hearing. Online records show that Corfman’s father, Robert Corfman, died in January 2016.

During that time, Corfman says that she gave her phone number to Moore. A few days later, Moore picked her up from her home in Gadsden, Alabama. The two went to his home, a 30 minute drive from Corfman’s house. The two kissed. On a second date, Corfman says that Moore touched her over her bra and underwear. She adds that Moore took Corfman’s hand and put it over his underwear. Corfman said, “I wasn’t ready for that – I had never put my hand on a man’s penis, much less an erect one.” During one encounter, Corfman said that Moore was wearing nothing but “tight white” underpants. In that same encounter, Corfman accuses Moore of giving her alcohol. The legal drinking age in Alabama at the time was 19.

Leigh Corfman Roy Moore


Corfman told the Post, “I wanted it over with – I wanted out. Please just get this over with. Whatever this is, just get it over.” After telling him she was uncomfortable, Moore took her home.

Corfman called Moore “charming and smiley” and that she was “kind of giddy, excited, you know? An older guy, you know?”

The Post goes on to say that reporters interviewed three other women who were between 16 and 18 when they say Moore pursued them for intimate relationships. Corfman is the only one who said she had “sexual contact” with Moore.

2. Corfman Says She Is a Republican Who Voted for Trump

Donald Trump Live Stream, Donald Trump UN, Donald Trump UN Speech

GettyPresident Donald Trump on Monday during a dinner with Latin American leaders at the Palace Hotel.

In a statement to the Post, Moore said, “These allegations are completely false and are a desperate political attack by the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post on this campaign.” Moore also called the story “the very definition fake news.”

Corfman told the Post that she has voted Republican in the last three presidential elections, including voting for Donald Trump in 2016. Heavy.com found a Facebook comment from Corfman where she spoke about buying a Stonewall Jackson antique. Jackson was arguably the best known confederate commander after Robert E. Lee.

3. Corfman Didn’t Come Forward Previously Because She Was Worried About Her Own Credibility

Corfman has a son and a daughter with country musician Dave Polston. Polston plays the five string banjo in they style of Earl Scruggs for the band 2 Lazy 2 Ranch band. Polston is also a banjo, dobro and guitar teacher.

She told the Post that the reason she didn’t come forward in 2000 when Moore was campaigning for the state Supreme Court was because her children were still in school. Corfman added that she was worried about her own credibility due to financial problems and three divorces. She says of this, “There is no one here that doesn’t know that I’m no angel.”

Corfman lived for a time in Arizona, where her children’s father is based. While there, a screen-printing business she had with her husband ended up leaving her heavily in-debt. The Post says in 1991 that she was in debt $139,689 in unpaid claims.

According to Corfman’s now-deleted LinkedIn page, she works a payday loan company. Previously, Corfman worked as a finance manager at a motorcycle dealership.

Corfman says, “I have prayed over this. All I know is that I can’t sit back and let this continue, let him continue without the mask being removed.”

4. Corfman Was in the News in 2013 When Her Son’s Prom Night Was ‘Ruined’ by Local Police

Leigh Corfman family

Screengrab via WBRC

Corfman made the news in 2013 when a prom her son was attending for Southside High School was raided by local police, reports WBRC. Corfman’s son told the station that the music was turned-off halfway through, the lights came on, and police began doing a table-to-table search without telling anyone what they were looking for. Corfman’s son said, “They just pretty much ruined the good time we were supposed to have.”

While Leigh Corfman told WBRC, that event was a “total nightmare” and that she was “horrified” by the police saying, “What about their rights?”

5. Moore Has a ‘Double Digit’ Lead Over His Democratic Challenger Doug Jones

According to Alabama.com, Moore is leading his Democrat challenger Doug Jones 51 percent to 40 percent. A spokesman for the polling company, Jonathan Gray of Strategy Research told the website, “People are not paying attention [to the race] right now. I just think it’s going to be late in the cycle when it gets tighter.”

Prior to the publication of the Post report, WHNT reported that Moore was refusing to debate Doug Jones.


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my sources in which have been reliable that this is not the first person that she has accused of this kind of thing.
And all have been men of faith.
Not to make lite of the allegations.

I have a lot more questions than answers.

Mike R Jones

Your sources are wrong. People here in Moore’s home town have known about him creeping on teen girls in the 80’s ever since it went on. He was banned by mall security for several months in 1982. SO much remains that will come to light. Those sticking with Moore are in for a gigantic disappointment, probably bigger than Bill Cosby.

Phil Hepzibah

I have it on good authority that you are a pedophile Mike and have been molesting children for years. You also are a member of the Democratic Party.

Brad D

I call B/S. Why did her parents let her leave the house with a 32 year old man. Why did she go out with him twice, or more, if she “wanted it over with”. The main reason I call BS is the fact she waited till 4 weeks before the election? How did the Washington Post come across her and two others? The women have never met each other but they all three magically go to the Washington Post at the same time. I honestly don’t care about the outcome. I’m so sick of how news channels lie about our president these days. The Washington Post published the famously fake dossier about Trump. Yet we are supposed to take their word for it. I really hope people don’t listen to or watch or believe CNN and MSNBC anymore.


ANYBODY … wanting to allege this against anyone needs to ‘SHOW THEIR FACE’!! Does this woman think she’ll be taken seriously when ~ hiding her face?? THIS LOOKS and SOUNDS like a DIRTY TRICK drummed up by that John Insane, Mitt Romney and that thieving John Kasich who BTW got PAID by George Soros 250K to pull his little insane tricks on President Trump!! THEY’RE ALL DIRTY and of course, they’re fighting so Roy Moore won’t get in there and EXPOSE each and every one of them!!


If you’d like to pray for the truth about Roy Moore
to come out, then place your fingers on the circles!
Please!… no emails!… Jesus is Lord!


Take a tip from what one Texas father did to the man who molested his 14 year old daughter—
“I beat him up pretty bad,” Brandon remembered. “By the time police arrived, my foot was swelling up from kicking him”

Julius Erving

She is such a fat and ugly pig that she looks like one of Bill Clinton’s girls.
Republicans only date hot chicks.
PS. The Bushes aren’t real Republicans ..look at Barbara Bush…fat pig Democrat.


I bet you dollars to donuts that you’re no prize either, Katie and Julius. What I DO know for certain is that you are truly hideous people on the inside.


republicans date fat people too and they are very awkward with sex in general and clumsy

Catalina Woody

Sorry, I am not buying it. 38 years? She has had plenty of time to come forward. I think WAPO reporter/s might be coaching her to twist the truth with hopes of or already received $$$$. I may not be a big Moore fan, but all of this sounds fishy.


I think you have to look at the total picture. There is no evidence. She is in debt and has a pretty messed up work history. By the writers account it took them two weeks to get her to agree to this. One of the writers has floated fraudulent checks in three separate states. WaPo has endorsed Moore’s opponent. This is a classic he said she said and no one backs her story. In nearly forty years she has never spoken of this to anyone but the media. Why did the reporters print the article instead of letting the police investigate this? Where is the background work to determine if he even owned a house at that time 30 minutes from her house? Did they attempt to determine if the phone records still exist? They are not doing this for the “victim” this is solely to stop Roy Moore from being seated.


You’re absolutely right! There’s somebody behind this that’s offered her a big wad of money, to ruin Moore, so his opponent will win!!


Pitiful people of Alabama tearing this credible woman, Leah Corfman, to pieces simply because she now has the courage to stand up against this monster Roy Moore. Finally women are being heard and believed (except in Alabama,
it seems) when they tell the truth about powerful people – do not say Leah Corfman should have spoken out sooner –
she would have been crushed even more forcefully by people like you who even today put party before conscience
and honesty. Remember your Bible – do not throw stones lest your sins become obvious to one and all. That is my
prayer for you stoners that your sins become known to one and all so that you will suffer the indignities that you are
piling on Leah and the other women reporting this pedophile Roy Moore’s sordid behavior.

Art B

Please tell us what makes her story credible? The fact that after 38 years she went public 30 days before his election. The fact that she admits she is in debt and therefore could be more subject to a bribe. The fact that she has previously accused others. The fact that until now no one has ever accused Roy Moore of improper sexual conduct. The fact that the other three women who have now come forward were all of legal age and confirmed that Roy Moore did nothing improper. You may not like Roy Moore’s politics or that girls do go out with older men, but the FACTS all support his side of the story (not hers) and until there is solid proof I still believe in t he rule of law and the American system of justice. My question is, Why don’t you?

Just Me

Sorry there mise but the Dems tried this exact same thing with President Trump and 63 million Americans didn’t believe those women. Why you ask, because they were proven to be liars just like this crazy bat.


So fake I don’t even feel a need to defend or debate.
You have to be on simple SOB to buy this tall tale

Buck The Government (@buckthegov)

Who does your research? This woman is a troubled con-artist who has accused several pastors of sexual assault and those cases were thrown out of court. Did you verify her voting record? I didn’t think so.

This nutjob is just like the Trump accusers – nutjobs who were paid off.

Reverend Joe A Sondrup

Couldn’t agree more. Seeking her 15 Minutes of fame. How much is she being paid?

Dan Warren

Where did you get this information about Leigh Corfman having accused four pastors of sexual abuse?



been in debt, likes to live it up, looking for a payday, why not make up something you say happened 38 years ago.

Sue Deaunym

Says Paul in 1st Fast “Fact”: “The legal drinking age in Alabama at the time was 14.”

No. . . it was 17. U.S._history_of_alcohol_minimum_purchase_age_by_state
Given the obvious bias of this article, I suspect this was not merely a typo, but deliberate ignorance in attempting to defend the indefensible.

Michael McCarthy

The woman is a lier pure and simple. What a coincidence that this woman has now come forward after so many years, just when Roy more is trouncing his Democratic rival. One more thing, has anyone noticed how the Democrats in general and their Jewish allies always make up phony stories and charges of sexual misconduct and and rape and hurl them at innocent conservitive White Anglo Saxon polititions when ever they the liberals and Jews are on the losing end, Is Corfman a Jew or is she just a screwed up liberal.

Jim Evans

Not sticking up for anyone, but isn’t it strange that after all of these years, that these woman are coming after rich white men ?

Bob Nichols

Aw shucks. Every man needs to be looking for his own name in the news in the coming days. This is getting ridiculous. We all must be Neandrathals that, somewhere in our past we sexually violated a woman. Geez


This is spelled out in detail in the book “The Smear.” I am sorry but I don’t believe this woman; nor give a crap since you waited 38 years. I too don’t believe or give a crap about those accusing Harvey Weinstein.


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