WATCH: Trump Pauses Speech to Take Awkward Sip of Water

Twitter President Trump awkwardly paused to take a sip of water during a speech Wednesday.

Fresh off his 12-day trip abroad to Asia, President Donald Trump summarized what transpired during the meetings and conferences at the White House on Wednesday. After touting the performance of the United States since he took office January 20, Trump stopped, looked below the podium and noticed there wasn’t any water.

“They don’t have water, that’s OK,” Trump said.

Suddenly, a bottle of Fiji water was handed to him from off the screen, and he hesitates before opening it and taking a sip. It appeared he was trying to determine the best way to take a sip without getting scrutinized.

Watch a video of the water sip below:

Trump paused briefly a couple more times during the speech to take a sip of his water. Of course, the internet reacted instantaneously, updating the Wikipedia entry for “Fiji Water” to say it’s the “official water” of Trump.

It’s worth noting that Trump was extremely critical of Senator Marco Rubio for taking a long sip from his water bottle during a 2013 speech in response to President Barack Obama‘s State of the Union address.

Trump’s attacks occurred during the 2016 presidential campaign at events, and he was relentless. He called Rubio a “choke artist,” among other things.

After Rubio’s 2013 speech, he suggested that the longtime Florida senator should drink out of a glass instead of a bottle. It appears Trump didn’t take his own advice, though.

Rubio was quick to comment on Trump’s water sipping during his speech in a tweet, saying that the president “needs work on his form.”

“Has to be done in one single motion & eyes should never leave the camera,” Rubio tweeted. “But not bad for his 1st time.”

Trump said during Wednesday’s speech that countries must unite to “denuclearize North Korea” in addition to claiming the U.S. will no longer be bullied when it comes to trade. Prior to his speech, the president took to Twitter and appeared to tease the announcement on trade and his newfound relationship with China President Xi Jinping.

“A lot of things are happening on trade,” Trump said following a meeting with the leaders of Australia and Japan. “And I’ll be announcing pretty much what happened here, and also with other meetings, including China and South Korea and lots of other places.”

During the campaign trail, Trump took every chance he had to bash China and the deals made by the previous administration with the Asian country. One of his main goals in Asia was to tout American businesses in an effort to get them to purchase domestically-made products.

While in China, Trump announced over $250 billion in business dealings with companies in Beijing, though many of the deals are nonbinding, The Hill reported. Trump also spoke at the APEC CEO Summit, where he said that he doesn’t blame China for “taking advantage” of the U.S. when it comes to trade.

“If their representatives are able to get away with it, they are just doing their jobs,” Trump said. “I wish previous administrations in my country saw what was happening and did something about it. They did not, but I will. From this day forward, we will compete on a fair and equal basis. We are not going to let the United States be taken advantage of any more.”

Trump arrived back in Washington D.C. from his trip to Asia on Tuesday night amid controversy on Capitol Hill. He didn’t take questions from media members following his speech, but the first one shouted by a reporter was regarding Roy Moore’s Senate campaign controversy.

On November 9, while Trump was abroad, The Washington Post published a story featuring the stories of four women, who claim they had relationships with the Republican Senate candidate decades ago. Some were minors at the time, and they allege that Moore sexually harassed and assaulted them.

Then on November 13, another woman, Beverly Young Nelson, accused Moore of groping her against her will when she was a 16-year-old waitress at a restaurant in Alabama.

Moore has categorically denied the accusations and has threatened lawsuit against the newspaper. Lawmakers on both sides of the political spectrum have called for Moore to drop out of the Senate race.

Among the most notable were Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who said that he believes that women’s stories and called on Moore to “step aside” in the election.