WATCH: Massive Fire in Orion Township, Michigan

Massive fire in Auburn Hills burns out of controlMassive fire in Auburn Hills burns out of control2017-11-21T03:59:22.000Z

A massive fire erupted in Orion Township, Michigan, bordering the city of Auburn Hills, reportedly caused by a gas line explosion.

Witnesses told CBS Detroit that the “flames “can be seen hundreds of feet in the air,” and is burning “near Miller Landscaping and Orion Stone Wholesale.

A strip mall including a Meijer grocery store can be seen in the video above. Witnesses at the scene said they had never heard anything like it, describing the intense and loud “roaring” of the fire. The extent of the damage is not known at this time.

Orion Township borders the city of Auburn Hills. The blaze ignited about 20 minutes before 10 p.m. CST and could be seen from miles away:

“It’s going to out in about 15 minutes and there will be nothing left to see,” a man recording the scene announced at 10:20 p.m.

According to Click on Detroit, authorities said the fire involved a “high pressure gas main.”

Witness account of the massive fire near Auburn HillsWitness account of the massive fire near Auburn Hills2017-11-21T03:46:48.000Z

“When there’s a high-pressure gas main leak, it causes a loud roar that comes out of the gas line, and it normally doesn’t burn because there’s so much pressure behind the gas that it can’t burn through the force and air pressure,” the station reported.

Massive fire in Auburn Hills burns out of controlMassive fire in Auburn Hills burns out of control2017-11-21T03:59:22.000Z

However, in this case humongous flames were seen thrashing through the air while fire officials worked relentlessly to attack the blaze. Onlookers could see the deep orange glow from 12-15 miles away from the scene.

More coverage of the Auburn Hills fireMore coverage of the Auburn Hills fire2017-11-21T04:29:31.000Z

The fire became so serious that an evacuation was ordered:

Many took photos and videos of the fearsome scene:

“Here is the gas line fire, in Auburn Hills,” @JohnBrish tweeted. “We could see the glow and fire from Lapeer. This was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. #auburnhills #auburnhillsfire”

“@CNN…massive gas line eruption fire happening in Auburn Hills/Orion Township Michigan right now! #AuburnHills #fireMichigan,” @ProudMichGirl wrote:

“Avoid the area of Brown/Joslyn and Brown/Baldwin. Police and Fire on scene of a Large outdoor fire,” Auburn Hills Police tweeted. “#AuburnHills”

“Wow,” @WeatherElijah tweeted. “Huge explosion and fire in Auburn Hills, Michigan can be seen on the Detroit radar. Prayers to everyone who may be near. Hope everyone is safe.”

“huge fire Orion twp Michigan,” @RollisonChris tweeted along with a video of the flames:

“A big, raging fire of some kind is lighting up the sky over Auburn Hills, Michigan, tonight,” @MicahGrimes said. “Go to the end of this video to see it up close.”

“#BREAKING: Video shows huge fire/explosion at a gas station in Auburn Hills, a #Detroit, #Michigan suburb,” @BreakingNGlobal reported:

“All I can tell you right now is that we did notice that there was a pressure drop on our natural gas system indicating that there was an issue somewhere,” said Debra Dodd, of Consumers Energy, according to Click on Detroit. “We do have crews on site, but obviously with the amount of the flames, we can’t get very near right now. Our first priority is to keep the public and our customers safe.”

People are being ordered by police to leave the area, rather than stopping to check out the massive blaze.

No injuries had been reported at the time of publishing, according to authorities.

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