Aaron Kluger: Long Island Man Denies Biting Dog’s Eye Out [VIDEO]

A Long Island man touted as a “sicko” for allegedly biting an eye out of his parents Shih Tzu is fighting back, along with his parents.

“Sicko arrested for biting out eye of parent’s pet Shih Tzu,” a New York Post headline reads.

In a Facebook video uploaded late Monday night, Kluger adamantly denies any wrongdoing and films himself with the dog. He stated:

So this is my dog Chloe and this is me, Aaron Kluger. Very misleading new’s articles have been released saying that I bit her eye out. Chloe had a minor eye injury about a month ago and the vet had reported to the SPCA that they believed it was a human-caused injury, which is false. You can see Chloe’s eye.

The man, who resides in Long Island’s Port Washington, then shows a close-up of Chloe’s seemingly intact eyes. “No sign of anyone biting her eyes out, least of all me,” he stated on the video. “I love Chloe. How could you not love a cute little doggie like this?”

Dan Kluger, the suspect’s father, told the New York Daily News:

The eye was slightly displaced, it was a minor injury. It was an accident. You should know that a Shih Tzu’s eye can be displaced just by pulling the skin back. They put it back in place. It was hardly noticeable. I didn’t even think she required immediate medical attention. This is crazy. They made it appear as if he performed vivisection on this dog. My son is suicidal now. He’s terribly upset.


The father “described his son as a heroin addict who classified as emotionally disabled by the committee for special education in the Port Washing school district,” according to NY Daily News.

The media outlet reported that Gary Rogers, a spokesman for the Nassau County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said Kluger was arrested Saturday after officials from a local animal hospital were told by a “family member” what had allegedly happened.

Messages were left for Kluger and the Nassau County SPCA, who were not immediately available.

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