California Fire Damage: List of Destroyed Buildings in Ventura, Thomas, Creek & More


As the fires in California spread, more people are wondering which structures in Ventura County and in other parts of southern California have been destroyed or damaged. The explosive Thomas Fire is the largest of the fires, now reaching 96,000 acres as of Thursday afternoon. It started out as a small blaze, but it quickly exploded in size, with California Gov. Jerry Brown declaring a state of emergency for Ventura County. But the accounts of damage from the southern California fires continue to grow and don’t just originate from the Thomas Fire. Numerous fires are dotting California landscape, including the Whittier Fire, the Rye Fire, the Creek fire, La Tuna fire, Skirball fire, Lilac fire, and more. The Thomas fire has been the most devastating in terms of destruction and damage, but the fire is not alone in its destruction. But in total, all the fires have destroyed 300 homes, businesses, and other buildings as of Thursday afternoon. Read on for details about what buildings have been reported as damaged from the fires across California as of December 7, 2017.

List of Businesses & Landmarks That Were Destroyed or Damaged from the Thomas Fire

Google MapsAll the major fires in California.

The Thomas fire is now at just 5 percent containment with at least 150 structures that have been damaged and 12,000 homes threatened. So far, at least 96,000 acres have burned. At least 50,000 people have been evacuated and many have no idea if their homes survived. The structures that were destroyed include the following (according to news and social media reports). This is a developing new story, and we will update this list as more information is shared.

Grant Park: Grant Park overlook Ventura seems to have sustained major damage, but the Serra Cross is still standing. Here’s a before and after photo:

Colina Vista Street: 

Colina Vista Street in Ventura was especially hard hit, with some areas completely leveled. You can see more details on homes and residences destroyed in the next section below.

Hawaiian Village Apartments: According to CBS LA:

Ventura Botanical Garden: According to recents tweets:

Vista Del Mar Hospital: A mental health facility in the region. It’s on Seneca Street north of downtown Ventura. Firefighters had to abandon it and move on to defending nearby condos and buildings.

Homes and Apartment Complexes Have Also Been Lost in the Thomas Fire

Many homes and apartment complexes were also destroyed. As the holidays approach, residents were heartbroken to find their homes and possessions destroyed by the fires. This map shows destroyed homes in Ventura’s Clearpoint and Ondulando neighborhoods:

The heartbreaking photo of a home that was destroyed on Colina Vista St. in Ventura:

On Twitter, a resident shared a heartbreaking story about her neighbors:

This home in Lake View Terrace was destroyed:

And these areas:

Million dollar homes, including this mansion, were also destroyed:

Apartment buildings have also been lost in the Thomas Fire:

Homes in the Clearpoint area were also lost:

The entire neighborhood of Colina Vista St. was devastated:

NBC LA found two homes that were destroyed overnight on Camino Cielo and Maricopa Highway (33):

Eric Rosenberg found six homes destroyed within a block of his house. The devastation is gut-wrenching:

Just south of Thomas Aquinas College, must of Ventura Ranch was destroyed:

The images from the fire are heart-wrenching and many people are hurting and devastated from their loss. Already, people are working on GoFundMe accounts and searching for ways to help the families who have lost everything.

Then there are stories where people find a bit of hope in the midst of the devastation. This Ventura County resident’s home was destroyed, but he found the diamond from his wife’s wedding ring in all the devastation:

List of Damaged Buildings & Homes from Other California Fires

The Creek Fire

The Creek Fire in Sylmar has also claimed a number of buildings, though the exact number is not yet known. The fire was north of downtown Los Angeles and had grown to 12,065 acres by Thursday morning. It started outside of the city limits. More than 150,000 people have been evacuated from this fire, including a convalescent hospital with 105 patients. The Creek fire started around 4 a.m. on Tuesday near Little Tujunga Canyon Road near Sylmar. The Creek fire is at 10 percent containment.

Many homes in the Creek Fire have been lost. The number currently stands officially at 15 homes and 30 structures destroyed as of Thursday morning. This includes at least eight in the Via Santa Barbara/Via San Anselmo area of Sylmar:

Here is another home destroyed in the Via Diego and Via Santa Barbara area. One home was destroyed, while the home right next to it was untouched.

Here is a heartbreaking photo of a home in Shadow Hills that was destroyed, before and after the fire. It was eight days away from the close of escrow.

The Shadow Hills area was hit hard:

Homes at 9902 and 9000 McBroom St. were destroyed. The homes had been in the family for 60 years.

Rancho Padilla in Tujunga Canyon was so devastated that nearly 30 horses died in the flames.

The Rye Fire

The Rye fire started in Santa Clarita shortly before 10 a.m. on Tuesday near the 2500 block of Rye Canyon Loops near Highway 126. The 5 Freeway was closed briefly but reopened Tuesday afternoon. Some evacuations were ordered in this area too, including 1,300 homes in the Westridge community. About 2,090 customers lost power in the Santa Clarita area. Evacuations have been lifted, and the fire ultimately affected 7,000 acres. It’s at 15 percent containment as of Thursday morning.

Little Mountain Fire in San Bernardino  County

This fire affected 260 acres and was 100 percent contained.

Meyers Fire in San Bernardino County

This fire affected 34 acres and was at 100 percent containment as of Wednesday afternoon.

Skirball fire

The Skirball fire in Bel-Aire destroyed at least four homes and damaged 11 other homes. It’s at 475 acres and 20 percent containment as of Thursday morning, the LA Times reported. About 700 homes were evacuated and residents have been told to stay away.

Do you know of areas that were damaged or destroyed by the fire? Let us and other readers know in the comments below. This is a developing story and we will update it as we have more information.

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